Electronic Payments

Electronic payments are preferred because they post to your student account immediately.

We accept checking/savings account (ACH - Automated Clearing House) transfer payments. (Unsuccessful ACH transfers are subject to a $25.00 fee.)

There is no charge for electronic payments from your checking or savings account. Credit card payments are not accepted.

  • Students can make online check payments in the “Pay/View Online” area of the Financial Aid & Billing section of HomerConnect. For check payments, you will need your bank account information including the account number and routing number located on the bottom of your check.
  • Parents can make online check payments through QuikPay. To do so, the student must first add you as an Authorized Payer by choosing the "View/Pay Online" link within the Financial Aid & Billing section of HomerConnect.

Cash and Check Payments

Cash and check payments also are accepted, but not processed as quickly as online payments.

Check Payments can be mailed to:
Office of Student Financial Services

953 Danby Rd
Ithaca, NY 14850-7000

Checks should be made out to Ithaca College and include the student’s ID number.

Cash payments are only accepted at our Service Windows. Please do not mail cash payments to our office.

Payment Plan

Ithaca College participates in a tuition payment plan administered by Nelnet.

This plan may be used to cover the tuition, room and meal plan balances after all financial aid, loans and scholarships. There is a $25.00 enrollment fee per term. Payment plans must be contracted for each semester. Enrollment does not continue from one semester to the next.

  • Students may follow the instructions to Set up a Nelnet Payment Plan to enroll in the plan via HomerConnect. 
  • If you have questions, contact us at (607) 274-3131

The full amount of your contract for the semester will be applied to the account at the start of each semester. Previous balances are not included.

Wire Transfers

Ithaca accepts both domestic and international wire transfer payments.

Domestic wire transfers (within US only)

Please note the wire transfer information is not effective for ACH (Automated Clearing House) payments, as it will not provide the necessary student name and ID number needed to apply payments to the student account. Please use either HomerConnect or QuikPay to make ACH Payments.

  • Wire to: Tompkins Trust Company, 118 E. Seneca St., Ithaca, NY 14850, ABA #021302648
  • For credit to: Ithaca College Account Number 1011002238
  • Must reference full name of student and Ithaca ID number

International wire transfers

  • Beneficiary bank name: Tompkins Trust Company
  • Beneficiary bank address: 118 E. Seneca St., Ithaca, NY 14850
  • Tompkins Trust Company SWIFT: TMPKUS33
  • Beneficiary name: Ithaca College
  • Beneficiary address: 953 Danby Road, Ithaca, NY 14850
  • Beneficiary account number: 1011002238
  • Must reference full name of student and Ithaca ID number