Students returning in the fall

Summer bills should be paid prior to the start of summer classes. Charges not paid become part of the fall bill and are due with the rest of the bill in August.

Students NOT returning in the fall

All summer charges must be paid in full at the time you register for classes.

Tuition and Fees

The summer 2024 tuition rate is discounted from the traditional rate, to encourage students to take advantage of summer course options.  As a result, there is very limited aid made up of federal loans and Pell Grant for eligible recipients.  There is no merit-based aid during the summer; those awards are for the eight traditional semesters of a student’s tenure at Ithaca College.

Summer Loans (must complete a 2024-25 FAFSA)

Students who enroll at least half-time (6 hours) in the summer may have eligibility for federal student loans.  Eligibility for federal student loans is for a 12 month period that begins in the summer.  

Many students use their full eligibility in the fall and spring.  For a student who has $6500 loan eligibility for an academic year, this means $3250 per semester, fall and spring.  If they are enrolled at least half-time in the summer and wish to use their loan eligibility to help pay costs, their $6500 loan could begin in the summer, meaning $2166 for each of the three terms.  Students need to understand that if they accept federal loans for the summer term, they will have reduced loan eligibility for fall and spring because they used a portion of their eligibility during the summer.  

Please check with the Office of Student Financial Services for questions about federal or private loans during the summer.  Private loans have fewer restrictions, but would typically require a co-signer.

Summer Pell (must complete a 2024-25 FAFSA)

Students who have Federal Pell Grant eligibility for the 2024-25 year may have additional Pell Grant eligibility for the summer term. Unlike federal loans, students may receive additional Pell funding for the summer term. Students should speak with the Office of Student Financial Services if they have questions about Pell Grant funding for the summer 2024 term.