"Israel-Palestine: Occupation and Struggle” Leena Dallasheh, Ph.D Candidate, New York University Faculty Presenter: Beth Harris, Associate Professor of Politics.  February 7, 2007   

"Understanding Anti-Americanism in an ‘Axis of Evil’ Country:  The Case of Iran” Mehrzad Boroujerdi, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Political Science and Director of Middle Eastern Studies, Syracuse University Faculty Presenter: Chip Gagnon, Associate Professor of Politics.  March 5, 2007      

“ . . . and Who are the Subtitles for?” Naeem Mohaiemen, Filmmaker, Digital-Media Activist, and Director of VISIBLE. Introduced by Tom Shevory, Professor and Chair, Politics.  March 28, 2007     

"Appearance and Reality in American Idealism” Richard Lichtman, Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy and Social Psychology, The Wright Institute Faculty Presenter: Naeem Inayatullah, Associate Professor of Politics.  April 25, 2007     

FALL 2006

"Critical Islam and Muslim Experience in the West:  Comparative Reflections on the UK and USA." Peter Mandaville, George Mason University: Faculty Presenter: Patty Zimmermann Introductory comments: Peggy Williams, President.  September 19, 2006     

Beyond CNN: Indy Media Interventions, New Visual Imaginaries and the Iraq War A Series of Films curated by Patty Zimmermann.  October 2, 2006   

"Feminism Beyond East and West: New Gender Talk and Practice in Global Islam" Margot Badran, Georgetown University Faculty Presenter: Asma Barlas Introductory comments: Peter Bardaglio, Provost.  October 23, 2006   

"Post 9/11: Muslim-Christian Relations at a Crossroads" Sulayman Nyang, Howard University Faculty Presenter: Naeem Inayatullah Introductory comments: Tanya Saunders, Assistant Provost.  November 8, 2006   

"Ports, Cartoons & Nukes: Islamophobia & US Imperialism in the New Millennium" Deepa Kumar, Rutgers University Faculty Presenter: Zillah Eisenstein Introductory comments: Dianne Lynch, Dean, Park School.  December 6, 2006