This series explores the incarceration of people of color with a focus on intersections of race, torture, and the state.


The Play – “Guantanamo”
Doin' Time: Through the Visiting Glass
Written and performed by guest artist Ashley Lucas
Faculty Presenter: Alan Eladio Gomez, Assistant Prof. of Latino/a Studies.  February 20, 2008

The Heuristic Power of Art
Elizam Escobar, Professor of Art, Escuela de Artes Plásticas de Puerto Rico
Faculty presenter: Jennifer Jolly, Assistant Professor of Art History.  March 20, 2008

Resisting Living Death
Faculty Presenter:  Alan Eladio Gomez, Assistant Professor of Latino/a Studies.  April 10, 2008

“Martin Luther King Jr. Scholar Program: Jails and Justice”
Presented by:  Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholars
Moderator: Sean Eversley-Bradwell, Assistant Professor of African Diaspora Studies.  April 23, 2008

FALL 2007

"Warfare in the American Homeland: Policing and Prison in a Penal Democracy”
Joy James, Ph.D., the John B. and John T. McCoy Presidential Professor of Africana Studies and Professor of Political Science at Williams College
Faculty Presenter: Sean Eversley-Bradwell.  September 18, 2007 

The Real Cost of Prisons Project
Lois Ahrens, Activist for Social Justice, Founder and Director
Faculty Presenter:  Alexander Moon.  October 17, 2007 

Community Dialogue
Panelists: Raul Salinas,  Leslie Jones, Fred Wilcox,  Jason Corwin and others
Moderator: Alan Gomez.  November 7, 2007