The United States is built upon structures of white supremacy and settler colonialism. A key challenge facing contemporary society is a substantive reckoning with this historical reality and its continued fall-out, decolonization asks something distinct of each of us. What is your role in this? In our day-to-day routines, how do we question or affirm the genocidal logics and practices of replacement that structure the continued oppression of Native peoples? How are Indigenous peoples racialized differently than other minoritized groups within the U.S.? What lessons can be gleaned by developing a fluency in each other’s struggles? How can other subordinated groups in the U.S. contribute to the work of decolonization? And what possible futures might be forged through such commitments? These are some of the questions we explore in this year’s discussion series “On Native Lands: Decolonization, Solidarity, and Resurgence.” As we acknowledge the enduring sovereignty of the Cayuga and Haudenosaunee—on whose lands Ithaca College sits—our goal is to render settler colonialism visible and to provoke a critical self-reflection and dialogue among communities differently positioned within American empire by listening to Indigenous voices on their own terms. Presenters will challenge the ways in which we understand settler accountability, Indigenous resurgence, decolonial education, and popular culture. In this way, the series seeks to stage new conversations for analyzing our contemporary condition and to think what decolonization in our everyday practices can do.


Title:  Defending Ohi:Yo’ - Indigenous Media for Environmental ProtectionPresenter:  Dr. Jason Corwin (Seneca Nation), Executive Director of Seneca Media and Communications CenterDate:  Thurs., 2/21/19

Time:  6:00 PM

Location:  Handwerker Gallery

Title:  Our History is the Future:  Indigenous Resistance Beyond Standing Rock

Presenter:  Nicholas W. Estes (Lower Brulé Sioux), Assistant Professor, Dept. of American Studies, University of New Mexico

Date:  Mon., 3/4/19

Time:  6:00 PM

Location:  Clark Lounge

Title:  Violence in Indian Country

Presenter:  Jenni Monet (Pueblo of Laguna), Award-Winning Journalist

Date:  Thurs., 3/28/19

Time:  6:00 PM

Location:  Handwerker Gallery

FALL 2018 

Title:  The Future, Still: Constellations of Indigenous Resurgence

Presenter:  Assistant Professor Iokepa Casumbal-Salazar, CSCRE, Ithaca College

Date:  Wed., 9/26/18

Time:  6:00 PM

Location:  Clark Lounge

Title:  Reclaiming Space

Presenter:  Nani Chacon, Community Engaged Public Works Artist

Date: Tues., 11/13/18

Time:  6:00 PM

Location:  Handwerker Gallery

Title:  Sounds of the Future Present: Indigenous Music and the Next Wave

Presenter:  Dr. Jarrett Martineau, Producer, Revolutions Per Minute and Host, Reclaimed on CBC Music

Date:  Thurs., 11/29/18

Time: 6:00 PM

Location:  Klingenstein Lounge