The Ithaca College Journal of
Race, Culture, Gender & Ethnicity
Volume 8 - Spring 2015

Editorial Board:

Malisha Cooper-Suggs
Lisa Dupree
Isabelle Glass
Danny Scopelliti

Faculty Advisor:

Asma Barlas, Professor and Director, CSCRE

Faculty Reviewers:          

Sean Eversley Bradwell, Assistant Professor, CSCRE
Paula Ioanide, Associate Professor, CSCRE
Phuong Nguyen, Assistant Professor, CSCRE

Editorial Assistant:

Claire Swensen, Administrative Assistant, CSCRE

Table of Contents


Renaming the World, Reclaiming Yourself:
Self-Love as Agency for the Oppressed in a Colonial System
Cady Lang

The Oppressor Who Accept
Isabelle Glass

Agency: Another American Dream?
Adjoa Darien

Toward a Deconstruction of White Privilege:
Investigating Barriers That Distance Whites From Issues of Race
Taylor Graham

Balance and the Tightrope of Resistance                                          
Kamal Naeem

A Letter to My Peers
Sierra Council

Poem & What Breaks?                                                                
Sophia Terazawa

Consequences of Not Implicating Oneself into
Histories of Violence and Oppression

Jordana Jarrett

‘Who You Callin a Bitch?’:
A Hip Hop Perspective of Bad Bitches and Hoes

Paige Bethmann

Black Solidarity and Black Liberation: A Celebration
and Critique of Racial Collectivism

Crystal Kayiza

New World Order: NYC’s Queer Hip-Hop Renaissance
Ken Robertson