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Professor and Interim Coordinator

The Asian American Studies Minor promotes the study of the histories, politics, contemporary realities, and diverse experiences of people of Asian ancestry in the U.S. The Minor covers a range of topics: from Japanese American World War II incarceration to Southeast Asian refugee migration to militarization in Asia and the Pacific. Courses utilize an interdisciplinary and transnational approach to the study of Asian Americans that relies on historical and comparative methodologies and a critical analysis of knowledge production. The Minor encourages critical thinking, creative expression, and the development of new perspectives in the pursuit of social justice.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of major historical developments for Asian Americans and how that history impacts contemporary community identities and formations.
  2. Examine how structural racism operates both historically and in the contemporary moment in relation to the Asian American experience.
  3. Apply knowledge about Asian American oppression to think about themselves in relation to these structural systems and to empower students to confront privilege and create meaningful coalitions and alliances.
  4. Demonstrate how Asian American histories and communities have been marginalized in the U.S. and transnationally.
  5. Illustrate Asian American struggles for liberation and visibility.

Fall 2022 Minor List
Minor in Asian American Studies Fall 2022

AAS Minor FA2022 Courses    

   Policy & Praxis    
CSCR 22400    Race, Place & Power
CSCR 32400    Critical Race Theories

   Power & Liberation    
HLTH 21300    Wellness: Multicultural Perspectives on Health
HLTH 31200    Inequalities in Health

   Comparative & International    
CSCR 22200   Japanese Americans and Mass Incarceration
ARTH 36000  Modern Architecture of Muslim Cities
SOCI 34500    21st Century Conversations on Race
HIST 34500    Gender in Imperial China