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SPSS Statistics

SPSS Statistics is a statistical analysis program containing a full suite of analysis tools and allows for multiple types of output. All installations of SPSS Statistics include three modules: Base, Advanced, and Regression.

SPSS Statistics version 23 is the latest version available on campus for both Windows and Mac computers.

Purchase Options

  • Academic departments may purchase a yearly network license from DIIS or purchase the software individually directly from SPSS or one of their providers. The networked license cost (currently $85 annually) is much less then what an individual can purchase, but has some constraints associated with it:
    • Users are limited to whichever version(s) of SPSS DIIS makes available
    • DIIS upgrades versions annually over the summer
    • SPSS typically releases a new version in October and users of the networked license have to wait until the next summer to get the upgrade
    • Academic license use is restricted to teaching and non-commercial academic research
    • Subscriptions are only valid for the period from June 1 - May 31, must be renewed yearly, and are NOT pro-rated
    • Administrative departments must purchase SPSS directly from IBM/SPSS on their own


Please note, the network license for SPSS Statistics is a PER YEAR subscription, lasting from June 1st through May 31st. These subscriptions expire unless renewed every fiscal year.

  • SPSS Statistics is installed in all DIIS-managed labs and eClassrooms.
  • Licenses for academic departments for use on college-owned computers can be purchased for an annual subscription fee of $85 per computer. To purchase or renew an SPSS Statistics license, use the "SPSS Order/Renewal Form" link at right to access the SPSS Statistics order form.
  • Ithaca College has an SPSS Statistics network license. A network license will only work on a computer that is connected to the Ithaca College network.

Using SPSS Statistics Away from the Ithaca College Network:

  • The SPSS Statistics software needs to be able to communicate with the Ithaca College license server. When SPSS Statistics is used off campus, it cannot directly communicate with the license server. To use SPSS Statistics off campus, there are two options:
    • While off campus, establish a remote access connection using Juniper (see guide at right). This allows the off-campus computer to successfully connect to the on-campus license server. The Juniper connection needs to remain active while SPSS Statistics is used.
    • Before leaving campus, "check out" a temporary commuter license (see below).

Commuter License:

  • A network license includes a commuter license option which allows an SPSS Statistics license to be "checked out" for up to 7 days at time, for temporary use from an off-campus Internet connection, or when no Internet connection is available.
  • A commuter license MUST be checked out from an on-campus Internet connection, or from an off-campus Internet connection in conjunction with a Juniper remote access connection.
  • A commuter license is ideal for users who occasionally need to use SPSS Statistics from off campus or when no Internet connection is available. Please see our Using SPSS Off Campus guide (in the Documentation section) for complete details.

Other SPSS Statistics License Options:

SPSS Statistics Student Versions for Windows:
Available online through the "OnTheHub" e-store:


SPSS Statistics Faculty Pack
Available to IC faculty for a $274.00 + $4.99 Download Fee (as of 5/7/14). This is a single-user 12-month subscription license rental which does not require an Internet connection for use (other than to download and register the software). This option includes several SPSS modules (including AMOS) and may be appropriate for laptop users who regularly need to use SPSS Statistics when no network connection is available. More information is available here:


The Faculty Pack license option is only available through the "OnTheHub" e-store:


(Please note: The AMOS module - Analysis of Moment Structures - is NOT included in the Mac version of the SPSS Faculty Pack as of 5/7/13.)

SPSS for Administrative and other Non-Academic Users

Administrative and other non-academic users who wish to use SPSS must purchase single-user licenses directly from IBM/SPSS. The college's network license is limited to academic teaching and research use only.  To obtain pricing or to place an order, contact:

Terence Mangahasm IBM Acquisitions Subscription and Support


Or call SPSS at 1-877-426-3774

Lab Access

SPSS Statistics (with Base, Advanced and Regression) is installed on Windows computers in DIIS-managed labs and eClassrooms by default. It is not installed by default on Mac computers in these spaces unless requested.