Faculty and Staff

  • Peter C Martin
    Associate Professor and Chair - Inclusion Special Education, Second Language Acquisition and Bilingual Education, Urban Education
  • Jonathan Ablard
    Associate Professor - Latin American History
  • Derek Adams
    Assistant Professor - African American Literature
  • Elizabeth Bleicher
    Associate Professor and Exploratory Program Director - First-year Student Experience; 19C British Literature; English Education; Revaluing Liberal Education; Faculty-student collaboration in Humanities; Failure and Resilience Studies
  • Karin Breuer
    Associate Professor - Modern Europe, Germany
  • David A Brown
    Professor and Chair - Complex Dynamics, Fractals, Cryptology
  • Jeane Copenhaver-Johnson
    Associate Professor and Chair - Language and Literacy, Multicultural Education, Qualitative Research
  • Jason Freitag
    Associate Professor - South Asia, Middle East, British Empire
  • Ellie Fulmer
    Assistant Professor - Multicultural Education, Anti-Racist Pedagogy, Practitioner Inquiry, Content Area (Disciplinary) Literacies, Sociocultural Literacy, Racial Comedy
  • Cristina Gomez
    Associate Professor - Mathematics Education, Teacher preparation
  • Mike Haaf
    Professor - Organic Chemistry
  • Heather Hill
    Assistant Professor - Social and Cultural Contexts of Teaching and Learning, Literacy Education for Equity and Social Justice, Critical Discourse Analysis, and Design-Based Research Methodologies
  • Chris Holmes
    Associate Professor - Postcolonial and Anglophone Literature; Theories of Translation and World Literature
  • Annette Levine
    Associate Professor and Latin American Studies Coordinator - Latin American and Latino/a Literature and Theatre; Translation Studies
  • Nia Nunn
    Assistant Professor - Black Girl Empowerment ~ Anti-Racist Feminist Pedagogy, Elementary Classroom Management/Community Development, Prevention, and Intervention
  • Jeff Perry
  • Thomas J. Pfaff
    Professor - Applied Math, Probabilty & Statistics, Sustainability
  • Matthew Price
    Associate Professor - Physics and Astronomy Education
  • Michael 'Bodhi' Rogers
    Professor - Geophysical Archaeology, Historic Preservation, Physics and Astronomy Education Research, Science Teaching Program Coordinator
  • Felice Atesoglu Russell
    Assistant Professor - English Learners, English as a New Language, Teacher Development, Teacher Professional Learning, Teacher Collaboration, Teacher Leadership
  • Michael Smith
    Associate Professor - Environmental History
  • Carla Stetson
    Associate Professor and Chair - Art Education. Intermediate and Advanced Drawing, Sustainability in Three-dimensional Design
  • Matthew C. Sullivan
    Professor - Condensed Matter / Low Temperature Physics
  • James Swafford
    Associate Professor - Nineteenth-century English literature
  • Michael Trotti
    Professor - United States, Social and Cultural History, 20th Century
  • Zenon Wasyliw
    Professor - USSR, East Central Europe, Russia, Global History; Social StudiesTeacher Education
  • Aaron Weinberg
    Associate Professor - Mathematics Education
  • Michael Twomey
    Retired Dana Professor - Medieval Literature, the Bible, the English language, Latin