Attention Incoming Students

Please note that, for the 2018-2019 academic year, we are not accepting applications for this program. We are in the process of revitalizing and updating our curriculum, and more information will be provided soon.

A Heritage of Success

Begun in the fall of 2005, Ithaca's master's degree programs in physical education and health education are built on the heritage and strength of our baccalaureate programs. The department approaches these disciplines by emphasizing real-world experience with young people in the K-12 environment, and by providing cutting-edge coursework in the classroom.

Best of all, our talented faculty and low student-teacher ratio assure individualized attention and the opportunity for a superior education.

Students in the program will:

  • develop an advanced understanding of physical education and the behavioral and health sciences;
  • enhance their core strengths in teaching methods, theory, and practices; and
  • gain experience and deeper insights into the art and science of instructing and leading young people in a scholastic setting.

Many Ways to Study

Students in the program may choose either a thesis or non-thesis option. In addition, the program offers multiple tracks that can be customized to accommodate students from almost any educational and professional background.

Students who are interested in state certification as a physical education or health education teacher but do not have an undergraduate background in the field are encouraged to meet with the program chair to discuss individualized tracks of study.

Application Deadline

The deadline to apply online is TBD

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