HPPEGrad Student Presents at SUNYCortland Conference

Holly Fodge, a graduate student in the Department of Health Promotion and Physical Education (HPPE), presented a paper titled, "Women in the Academy and the Price of Legitimacy" at the Succeeding as Women in Higher Education Conference at SUNY Cortland on October 25, 2009.


According to Dr. Srijana Bajracharya, HPPE Graduate Chair, the paper traced the history of early women-led schools of teacher education and their later integration into mainstream male-dominated institutions of higher education and resultant attempts at "professionalization." Foucault's analysis of the Panopticon was applied in order to investigate the degree to which women's knowledge becomes visible and thus available for cooptation, castigation or disregard by an androcentric academy.

Originally published in Intercom: HPPEGrad Student Presents at SUNYCortland Conference.