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The ITI faculty offer a wide variety of approaches to the written and visual arts. All are working contemporary artists who publish and exhibit their work in national and international contexts. Our faculty are dedicated to innovative approaches and traditions that value psychologically, culturally and politically engaged work.

Nina Strand

Nina Strand

Faculty & Fellows 2018
Nina Strand (b 29.11.73 in Oslo,Norway) lives and works in Paris, France. She works as a photographer and writer, working mainly with books that combine images and text. She is also the founder and editor of the Scandinavian art journal Objektiv, founded in 2009. Before Objektiv she co-published Militær, a zine for Scandinavian photography that ran from 2006 until 2009. She writes regularly about photography for the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet. She has received a work grant from Arts Council Norway since 2012. Publications include: Arbeid, Age before Beauty, Kunstnerlønn, (self published 2016), Dr. Strand, (Journal). New View, (self published for The National Autumn exhibition in Oslo, 2015), (female) Artist, (self published, 2015), Solo (self published, 2015), Trollet (self published, 2014), Backstage (self published, 2014), Det fiktive forhold (self published, 2013), Nykter (Akademisk publisering, 2010), So, how do you think you’re doing (Journal, 2008) and Gutta på Gølvet (Cappelen 2004).

** Nina Strand’s visit to ITI is supported by the Office for Contemporary Art Norway.