ITI Press / Publications

Image Text Ithaca Press publishes innovative text and image works by national and international writers and artists, and is an integral part of the Image Text MFA Program at Ithaca College.

ITI Press has published four books and more are forthcoming. Our publications include:

Tessex? a collaborative book project that evolved from our first sumer workshop and the 2014 ITI Workshop.

Andre Bradley’s Dark Archives, which took shape as a slide reading the artist developed and presented at the 2015 ITI Workshop and Symposium. Dark Archives was shortlisted for two prestigious, international awards: the Rencontres d’Arles Image-Texte Book Award and the Aperture-Paris Photo First Book Award. Only 10 books were shortlisted for the Aperture-Paris Photo First Book Award, while just 17 out of 839 works made the Rencontres d’Arles Image-Texte Book Award shortlist.

Grind, released at the 2016 Los Angeles Art Book Fair, is a collaboration between ITI Fellow John Keene (author of the acclaimed Counterrnarratives) and ITI Co-Director Nicholas Muellner, it also evolved from the 2015 Workshop and Symposium.

Our most recent publication, The Black Banal, is a limited edition screen-print edition by 2016 ITI Fellow and media artist Tony Cokes.

All of our titles are available for purchase from Spaces Corners. Please contact for wholesale or institutional orders.



The Black Banal, a limited edition, hand silk-screened portfolio, is a graphic blast of found text sourced and sequenced by Tony Cokes. Cokes channels the intense boredom and extreme anger generated by his encounter with the source material into an act of “minor deconstruction.” The fact that race was rendered marginal, and banal, in its original reading context makes the excerpts more resonant, intriguing in their isolation, producing new, broader connections in a different place and time.

By Tony Cokes
15 silk-screen-printed loose sheets in die-cut screen-printed folder.
Design by Tony Cokes and Elana Schlenker. Edition of 100. Image Text Ithaca Press, 2016.


Shockingly revealing selfies, fanciful relationship criteria, and up-front sexual queries on social media apps and websites provide the foundation for the visual and textual conversation of GRIND, an art-text collaboration between poet John Keene and photographer Nicholas Muellner. Mixing found texts and curated photos, GRIND‘s authors explore contemporary queer dating sites’ distinctive and sometimes absurd combination of anonymity and candor, caginess and vulnerability, and sincerity and humor. GRIND suggests that the desire for connection is constant and complex, with as much comedy as pathos.

By John Keene and Nicholas Muellner
48pp, 21 illus; hardback, with paper-wrapped boards and foil-stamped cover.
Design by Elana Schlenker. Edition of 200. Image Text Ithaca Press, 2016.


Dark Archives by artist Andre Bradley is a provocative exploration of one black man’s memories of childhood. An autobiography in fragments, Dark Archives interweaves Bradley’s writing and photographs with pictures from his family archive. Part story, part lyrical investigation, Dark Archives aims to upset the linguistic and visual constrictions placed on black males. Bradley powerfully combines image and text in this deeply moving meditation on narrative agency, on the family as archive, on being a young black man, and on being Andre Bradley. Dark Archives was shortlisted for the Rencontres d’Arles Image-Texte Book Award and the Aperture-Paris Photo First Book Award in 2016.

Three saddle-stitched booklets and two single-page inserts in foil-stamped, die-cut folder. Design by Elana Schlenker. Edition of 250. Image Text Ithaca Press, 2015


Tessex? was conceived on a leopard-print bed in the former hayloft of a rural barn. Across a series of field trips, road trips and intercontinental correspondence, an imaginary nation was born. Texas and Essex are outrageous cultural territories that transgress physical borders. Tessex is the otherworld in which they meet and mate. Tessex? is the first collaborative publication of ITI Press, created by Earl Gravy (Emma Kemp and Daniel Wroe), Bobby Schiedemann, Analicia Sotelo and Thomas Whittle, with contributions from the Best Friends Learning Gang and Jodie Herbage. Tessex? is equal parts manifesto, fiction and travelogue, wrapped in a glossy tabloid package.

142pp.; spiral-bound with foil-stamped cover. Design by Elana Schlenker. Edition of 250. Image Text Ithaca Press, 2015.

Dark Archives