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Healthy Eating for Every Person
How to Make Taco Bowls
Fitness Tips for the Beginner
Class it Up with Megan and Isis
Y Yoga?


The Outdoor Gym
Eating Local
About Leanne
Get Fit With HIIT
WC Member Spotlight
The Outdoor Gym (continued)
Get Fit With
WC Spotlight Returning Staff
WC contact information hours


Staying Motivated
What Should We Know About Soy?
Wellness and Cancer Survivor Ship
Graduating Students
Wellness Clinic Contact Information
Group Exercise Schedule

December 2015

Setting Yourself Up for Success
At-Home Workout
Overeating During the Holidays
Beat and Apple Salad
Staying Healthy During the Holidays
Holiday Health and Safety
Winter is Coming: Snow Shoveling Safety
Neighbors Helping Neighbors
Leaving the Nest
Clinic Contact Info/Winter Hours

Fall 2015

Sleep Better Each Day to Keep the Doctor Away
Mediterranean Seafood Grill
No Pressure Blood Pressure
Mediterranean Diet
Commit to be Fit
Hop on the (Group) Train
Group Exercise Schedule

Spring 2015

Celebrating 25 Years of Wellness
Wellness Incentive Program
No Pressure Blood Pressure
Heart Healthy Foods
Heart Healthy Recipe
Participants of the Season
Group Exercise Schedule

Fall 2014

Group Exercise Schedule
How Sleep Affects Eating Habits
Flu Vaccine FAQ
Coconut Oil Recipe
Specialist of The Season
Participant of The Season
Portion Distortion Quiz
No Pressure Blood Pressure

May 2014

Functional Fitness
Understanding Body Composition
Spring Eats for Balanced Nutrition
Treadmill Talks & Functional Fitness
Client and Specialist of the Month
Summer Exercise Tips

February/March 2014 (pdf)

     Work It Out: Ways to Improve Heart Health
     Eat Your Heart Out: Best Foods for Your Heart 
     Client of the Month: Ron Gilmour
     Fitness Specialist of the Month: Ian Shaw
     Go For Gold: The Olympic Challenge

May 2013 (pdf)

Wellness Clinic 2013 Newsletter!

March 2012 (pdf)

     How to Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease
     Stressed Out?
     What is Mind, Body, Me?
     Salmon With Whole Wheat Pasta
     About That Resolution
     Client of the Month - Sally Dietz       

December 2011 (pdf) 

     Putting Overtraining to Rest

     Exercise: An Answer for Stress Avoidance

     Understanding Low Back Pain

     Know Your Risk: Understanding Cardiovascular Risk Factors 

     Vitamin D: The “Sunshine” Vitamin

     Recipe: Portabella Bruchetta-Topped Salmon

     Client of the Season: Dennis Martin

 November 2011 (pdf) 

     Pre and Post Workout Nutrition

     Soup: The Nutritional Powerhouse

     Sleep for Your Health

     Core: What and Why

     Are You Getting All You Can Out of Your Workout?

     No Pressure Blood Pressure

March 2011 (pdf)
      The “Skinny” on Fats
      Barefoot Running
      Client of the Season: Karen Wikoff
      Go Fish!
      Spring Recipe: Grilled Salmon with Lemon Hazelnut Sauce
      Pictures of the Season

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