Immersion Semester Program

The Immersion Semester Program (ISP) is an intensive semester-long study away program for outdoor leadership and skill development. The ISP employs adventure pursuits (i.e., backpacking, rock climbing, whitewater rafting) to engage topics ranging from wilderness philosophy to wilderness ethics, wilderness leadership to risk management, and wilderness medicine to wilderness literacy.

The ISP is open to all majors, featuring six courses (described below) and experiential learning opportunities emphasizing leadership, judgment, decision-making, and communication. The ISP is NOT guide training or high-risk adventure for the sake of high-risk adventure. The skills gained on the ISP are intended to prepare future professional outdoor leaders AND to be easily transferable for application to an industry of choice. The vision of the ISP is to develop effective outdoor leaders, educators, and compassionate citizens.

Mission Statement: The mission of the ISP is to develop leadership, educational, outdoor skills and ethics through expeditionary travel in wild spaces.

Vision Statement: The ISP will use challenge, risk, and uncertainty during expeditionary programming to foster growth and professional development.

Students register for 18 credits in the following courses:

RLS 18005 Select Topic in Rescue

RLS 21600 Outdoor Adventure Skills

RLS 22000 The Wilderness Experience

RLS 22300 Wilderness Literacy

RLS 37000 Wilderness Land Use Ethics

RLS 42100 Wilderness Expedition Leadership

The OAL ISP is open to all students. Spots are limited. Priority is given to Outdoor Adventure Leadership majors and Outdoor Pursuits minors who submit application materials on time. All students need to complete the OAL ISP application and forms.

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