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Why the HR Effectiveness Survey?

The workplace as we know it – at IC and across the nation – has experienced drastic changes over the last few years. The centering of technology, hybrid/remote work arrangements, and new methods for convening with peers beyond a conference room include some of the changes that were progressed by COVID-19 and have now become our everyday. As such, it is imperative that IC Human Resources transform to accommodate this new means of working and to find ways to best support the College’s Faculty and Staff across new climates and mediums.

Survey Documents

file-outline HR Effectiveness Survey Report - HR Effectiveness Survey Report_05.04.2023.pdf (520.27 KB)
file-outline HR Effectiveness Survey - Slide Deck - HR Effectiveness Survey - Slide Deck 05.04.2023.pdf (693.74 KB)

How We Designed the Survey

The purpose of the HR Effectiveness Survey is to understand the relationship between IC Faculty and Staff and Human Resources, to better understand how we can work to support the needs of our employees and to provide resources that make work more productive while enriching our campus culture. This survey is part of a larger exercise: taking the pulse of our community to better plan out the strategic mission and vision for IC HR service design, offerings and incentives that reflect what our community needs and wants.

All faculty and staff, with the exception of student employees, were invited to complete the HR Effectiveness Survey, between February 2 and February 26, 2023. The survey consisted of 52 questions. 

The publication of the HR Effectiveness Survey is the first step toward realizing our goal of becoming an employer of choice. Please see below for a timeline of next steps on the roadmap to transforming ICHR.

Initial Deliverables

Delivery Date

Initial report from HR Effectiveness Survey published to campus.

Spring 2023

HR conducts listening sessions across campus to hear from employees and to provide context to survey results.

Spring/Summer 2023

HR publishes transformation strategy, including mission, goals, and three-year roadmap for enhancing HR service.

Fall 2023


For questions about the HR Effectiveness Survey Report, please contact Jackson Short (Lead, HR Strategy & HRIS).