IC Staff Compensation Program Review Update

By Brian K. Dickens, June 4, 2018
Update regarding our work with Sibson Consulting on the staff compensation study

We are pleased to provide the campus community with an update regarding our work with Sibson Consulting on the staff compensation study.  Great progress continues on the review, assessment and design of the Staff compensation program. Our pace has been a little more deliberate than originally planned, as we wanted to ensure the process was inclusive and the program aligned with our commitment to equity, quality and integrity. To that end, we conducted the employee survey during 2017 to obtain input from you and have incorporated that feedback into our work.

We are now nearing the end of the design phase of a new program that will allow the College to achieve our goals together as we move forward. We have shared our progress and the updated compensation program with Staff Council and our next step is to meet with managers and supervisors to review our progress and the updated compensation program design.  These meetings will assist us in finalizing the structure and will take place during the month of June.  Managers and supervisors will receive invitations shortly.

Since our last communication, we have completed many "behind the scenes" work steps including:

  1. Obtained Senior Leadership Team and Board of Trustees approval of our new compensation philosophy.  The compensation philosophy guides the approach and decisions we make about administering compensation in support of our mission, values and strategic priorities.  Our compensation philosophy will be available to staff in support of our commitment to transparency, inclusion and unity.  
  2. Obtained Senior Leadership Team approval of the comparison market of institutions used for the market assessment. 
  3. Determined the results of the market assessment and developed a new salary structure.
  4. Developed a job leveling framework that defines the general requirements of the jobs and will serve as a foundation to assist in recruitment efforts and define a path for advancement.  

We ask for your continued support and responsiveness in the next few months.  Following the manager/supervisor meetings in June, we will then engage managers/supervisors in the process of validating and confirming new grade and job level assignments for positions.  We will also hold a series of open meetings with staff and faculty as an opportunity to gain an understanding of the new compensation program design.

Please keep in mind that the results of the market study, a new salary structure or grade assignment does not mean that individual salaries will automatically increase or decrease.  As part of the implementation plan, we will be determining a course of action that meets the needs of the College, is fiscally responsible and will likely be implemented over time based on budget availability.

Again, we will continue to keep you informed of our progress with regard to the Compensation Program review through regular updates. We are pleased with the progress of the study and appreciate your continued support. Please feel free to contact Cindy Reckdenwald at (4-3850) or Maura Fetsko at (4-3483) if we can provide any additional information or answer any questions.