General Information

Transforming IT at IC

Information Technology at Ithaca College is undergoing a transformation to enable us to provide the leadership, innovative technology solutions and services necessary to meet Ithaca College’s mission while maintaining a secure and reliable infrastructure.  We will be shifting from a service provider to a service broker organization, finding the best tools and technologies to meet the needs of the institution.  We will develop partnerships and synergies with the campus community to provide unified services and solutions that advance and improve teaching and learning as well as student success.

There are four key cornerstones to our transformation: Organization and People, IT & Project Governance, Strategic Plan, and our IT Service Catalog. Each representing a critical aspect that is required for us to complete our journey.

On October 16, 2015, we officially transitioned to become Digital Instruction and Information Services (DIIS), a key initial step.  We expect our transformation to DIIS to take about 18 months to complete. 

This web site contains information about each of our transformation cornerstones, and it will be updated periodically.

Organization and People:

On October 16, 2015, Information Technology Services (ITS) became Digital Instruction and Information Services (DIIS). We reorganized to provide greater value for our students and faculty, and provide a strong emphasis on teaching and learning with technology. In addition, the new organization will enable increased efficiency in our service to Ithaca College.

The new structure is broken into four administrative units:

Teaching and Learning - Provides vision, leadership, and direction in the development, management, and evaluation of all technology services and technologies that support teaching, learning, and research.

Engagement and Implementation – Our interface with the campus.  Leads and oversees our service catalog, project management, governance and other initiatives to ensure our engagement and alignment with the College.  Implements application and cloud based services, and provides business process improvement services to the campus.

Architecture and Infrastructure – Develops and implements a digital strategy and oversees the planning, implementation, and operation of our on-premise and cloud technology infrastructure.

Information Security - Leads the College-wide information security program, including the development of an information security strategy and related policies.

DIIS Organizational Chart

IT Governance & Project Governance

IT Governance and Project Portfolio Governance together provide the structures and processes for ensuring that the efforts undertaken by Digital Instruction and Information Services (DIIS) meet the needs and priorities of Ithaca College while providing a framework for discussions around policies, processes and priorities.  The two go hand-in-hand.

IT Governance & Project Portfolio Governance Overview (November 2015)

Strategic Plan

Our first ever IT Strategic Plan was adopted in August 2015.  It describes our five year plans along four primary themes:

Organization and Infrastructure - We will develop a premier contemporary organization, operations and infrastructure, to provide outstanding information technology, analytics and digital services to support and enable IC to fulfill its vision.

Teaching and Learning - We will deliver innovative and effective technologies, resources and services to enhance teaching and learning.

Campus Engagement - We will provide technologies and services to enhance communication, partnerships and interactions between members of the campus community, and strengthen the connections between a student's curricular, co-curricular, and residential experiences.

Operational Innovation - We will leverage analytics, technology, and process innovations to advance the development of institutional strategy, improve business processes, increase operational effectiveness, reduce costs and to support continuous quality improvement.

Strategic Plan Update (December 2016)

IT Strategic Plan Overview (November 2015)

Service Catalog

Work is currently underway to provide a comprehensive Service Catalog to allow the campus to more easily understand and request our services.  We expect to have the new service catalog launched for the beginning of the Fall 2016 semester.