Transforming IT at IC

Information Technology at Ithaca College is undergoing a multi-year transformation to enable us to provide the leadership, innovative technology solutions and services necessary to meet Ithaca College’s mission while maintaining a secure and reliable infrastructure. We are shifting from a service provider to a service broker organization, committed to finding and implementing the best tools and technologies to meet the needs of the institution. We are working hard at re-energizing and building partnerships and synergies with the campus community to provide unified services and solutions that advance and improve teaching and learning, institutional performance and student success.

This page contains information and updates related to our ongoing transformation.

Our Mission and Vision Guides our Work

Our mission is to support and enhance the student-centered educational experience at Ithaca College. We will partner with the college community so that we may provide the leadership, innovative technology solutions and services necessary to meet Ithaca College’s mission while maintaining a secure and reliable infrastructure.

Our vision is to be recognized as a trusted, strategic partner, fostering innovative technology services and enabling exceptional educational opportunities.

IT Strategic Plan

The college’s first IT Strategic Plan was adopted in August 2015. It describes our five year plans along four primary themes:

  • Organization and Infrastructure - We will develop a premier contemporary organization, operations and infrastructure, to provide outstanding information technology, analytics and digital services to support and enable IC to fulfill its vision.
  • Teaching and Learning - We will deliver innovative and effective technologies, resources and services to enhance teaching and learning.
  • Campus Engagement - We will provide technologies and services to enhance communication, partnerships and interactions between members of the campus community, and strengthen the connections between a student's curricular, co-curricular, and residential experiences.
  • Operational Innovation - We will leverage analytics, technology, and process innovations to advance the development of institutional strategy, improve business processes, increase operational effectiveness, reduce costs and to support continuous quality improvement.

IT will publish regular progress reports and mid-plan adjustments as appropriate.

Major Projects and Initiatives

IT is working on a number of major projects and initiatives on behalf of other departments across the campus as well as on efforts to continuously modernize and upgrade our technical infrastructure. The IT Five Year Strategic Plan described above provides a high level framework for specific projects that we undertake.

The timing of specific projects are described in our roadmaps. These layout an approximate timeline for major efforts that we are or will be working on. Roadmaps are updated on a regular basis based upon feedback from the campus community, IT and functional area resource availability, and funding availability.

IT Service Center

This fall we will be launching our online IT Service Center, a web-based hub for learning about and requesting services from IT. The IT Service Center will contain a detailed knowledge base for common questions and how-to instructions, a service request ticketing and tracking system, and our IT Services Catalog with detailed information about many of our services.


Effective October 1, 2017, Information Technology at Ithaca College is organized into the following four areas of focus:

  • Teaching and Learning with Technology - Services and functions directly related to supporting faculty teaching and students learning with technology
  • Engagement and Client Technologies - Services and functions related to client technologies, productivity tools and efficiencies, and interaction with our clients
  • Applications and Infrastructure - Services and functions focused on the College’s core applications, technology and infrastructure
  • Information Security - Services related to protecting college information and systems from unauthorized activity

IT Organization Chart


The efforts described above are an evolution of the work we launched in fall of 2014 to transform the IT organization at Ithaca College. At that time we established four key cornerstones to our transformation: Organization and People, IT & Project Governance, Strategic Plan, and our IT Service Catalog. Since then significant progress has been made in all of those areas. Our current work builds upon those foundational steps and continues our journey of transformation.

More information about our Four Cornerstone Transformation Strategy can be found in the EDUCAUSE 2016 presentation: Four Cornerstones to Transforming an IT Organization to Meet Current and Future Challenge