Instructional Support Services


*** Important Sakai 11 Upgrade information ***

Sakai upgraded is August, 14, 2017.

Sakai is a robust Collaboration and Learning Environment (CLE) used by millions of users at hundreds of colleges, universities, and schools to enhance teaching, learning, research and team work. Sakai was built by a consortium of higher education research institutions to meet the collaboration needs of students, on-line learners, faculty and staff.

Tools for Teaching and Learning

  • Announcements: Post current, time-critical information to a site.
  • Syllabus: Post a summary outline of course requirements.
  • Lesson Builder: Create and publish online learning sequences.
  • Assignments: Create and grade online or offline assignments.
  • Drop Box: Share files privately with site participants.
  • Gradebook: Calculate, store and distribute grade information to students.
  • Tests & Quizzes: Create and manage online assessments
  • iTunes U: Connect to resources hosted in Ithaca College's iTunesU.

Tools for Research and Projects

  • Resources: Post, store and organize material related to the site. Share multiple files at once with site members, groups, or the world.
  • Email Archive: Access an archive of email sent to participants.
  • Wiki: Create and edit web content collaboratively.
  • Blog: Provides blogging capability for your class.
  • Calendar: Maintain deadlines, activities and site related events.
  • Chat: Engage in real-time conversations with site participants.
  • Discussion Forum: Create, moderate and manage discussion topics and groups within a course and send private messages to site participants.
  • Web Pages: Display external web pages or create web pages in Sakai and share them with the world..
  • News: Display custom news content from dynamic, online sources via RSS.