General Information

Print Management

In September 2012, a project team was tasked with analyzing print management options for the college. This team analyzed the current print environment in the Library and the public labs, researched practices at higher education institutions, defined solution requirements, identified software vendors, requested information including costs from vendors and identified vendor(s) that met requirements.

The project team has recommended that a print management solution be used in the student labs on campus. The team believes this will help:

  • Reduce paper and toner usage waste and to encourage the responsible use of limited resources. Currently approximately 20% of the paper printed in the library and the labs is not claimed by users or is immediately discarded.
  • Put in place a sustainable model for continuing to provide free printing for the majority of printing undertaken by students and to provide a reasonable cost for those who need to purchase additional pages.
  • Allow the college to offer networked color printing in the Library and the Friends 110 Lab.

The project team collected feedback on this proposal prior and submitted it to college administration. The recommendation was partially approved in June 2013 by President's Council.  President's Council approved the installation of print management software for monitoring purposes only for the 2013-2014 academic year. Data will be collected and analyzed regarding individual student print usage; and, a new recommendation is to be submitted to college administration in Spring 2014 for further review.

It is expected that by fall 2014 a print management solution will be in place in all labs for student printing. This solution will provide a free print allowance to students and give  a pay for print option for students that print above the allowance.