Computer labs are available across campus and provide application software, network and Internet access for members of the IC community. DIIS operates about 30 computer labs on campus, both general-access public labs and program-specific specialty labs with specialized software that meet the needs of specific courses.

Computer labs are open at various times and schedules are generally posted on each lab door. The main public labs, Friends 110 and Williams 210, are staffed by a lab consultant who can answer basic hardware, software and printing questions.


Computer labs are equipped with Mac and/or Windows computers and may also have printers, scanners or other equipment. The public labs have ResNet connections for personal laptops, are equipped with wireless access, and have scanners available.


DIIS supports a wide variety of software for word processing, spreadsheets, database management, presentations, desktop publishing, conferencing, email, and browsing the Web. There is a standard IC lab software bundle included on lab computers. Additional specialized software is available in many labs.


Black and white laser printing is available in many labs. Student printing in the labs is managed by PaperCut software. Please see the Print Management website for more information about allowances and pay-for-print.

Students are strongly encouraged to think about sustainability when printing and only print what is necessary. Duplex printing is the default setting for most labs. Color printing, poster printing, laminating, binding and more services are available through General Services.