(Sending Batches of Packages)

If you are sending a batch of Packages, you may be able to use a simplified process to send it out. Please answer the following:

  • Does each item weigh LESS THAN 16 OUNCES (1 pound)?
  • Are all items packed in generic envelopes or mailers?
    • Must not be in USPS, UPS, FedEx, or DHL -branded mailing/package material
  • Is each item individually and fully addressed, and ready to mail?
  • Is every recipient within the US? (no international addresses)

If you answered YES to ALL these questions, then you may qualify

BEFORE you prepare a batch shipment, please contact Mail Service staff to confirm that your shipment qualifies

When preparing a batch shipment of Packages, the Shipping Document can be simplified as follows:

  • In the top section labeled DESTINATION, simply write the following
    • “Batch mailing – multiple addresses”
    • The total quantity of Packages in the batch
  • Complete the BILLING INFORMATION section as normal

Please be aware - Tracking information for each item may not be available for batch shipments