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In Spring semester '21, the Department of Mail Services resumed mail and package deliveries to all departments. Daily service continues to operational and/or essential-designated departments, while all other departments will receive deliveries weekly (except during the college's Summer Friday closures, 5/28-8/6). Current information on this service model can be found here.

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Policy for Departments Sending out Packages

Employee Personal Mail and Packages

Domestic Shipping Document

International Shipping Document

  • Call 4-3371 or send an email before 9AM to icmailservice@ithaca.edu when your department will be closed or other delivery arrangements need to be made.
  • Call 4-3371 before 9AM if you have a large outgoing mailing.
  • Please write your department name above the return address on outgoing mail.
  • Please provide a TRACKING NUMBER when calling about a package.
  • Intra-campus envelopes should be addressed with a name and the department the person works in, NOT their office location. We deliver to departments.
  • Intra-campus envelopes are not to be used when sending information to students.
  • All outgoing department packages require a shipping document.
  • International mail containing more than just documents requires a customs form.