Delays - Weather and High Volume

All carriers can be impacted by bad weather, both here in Ithaca, as well as major hubs around the country. Carriers are also affected by the volume of packages they are handling, and peak times of the year can cause deliveries to arrive at IC much later than usual. These delays will impact our ability to process those deliveries during the normal timeframe each day. Express deliveries will still be expedited ahead of other items within the available time frame we have to operate. We appreciate your patience as we work to alleviate such delays when they are encountered.

The beginning of each semester is a period of peak delivery volume. It is common for us to receive between 1,000 - 1,500 packages per day, and some individual days can exceed 2,000 packages. Therefore, it is possible that many packages (except Express) will not be processed the day they arrive and will carry over to the next day. This is in addition to any delays caused by late deliveries from carriers.