All deliveries to Ithaca College come to the Mail Center via the college's main address

To address mail/packages for residents living in the RESIDENCE HALLS and the GARDEN APARTMENTS

  • Your Name
  • 953 Danby Rd
  • Your Dorm/Room/Apartment
  • Ithaca, NY 14850

To address mail/packages for students living in the CIRCLE APARTMENTS

  • Your Name
  • 1033 Danby Rd 
  • Your Apartment
  • Ithaca, NY 14850

Please note that if mail/packages are addressed to Circle Apartment residents at the 953 Danby Rd address, this will not impact correct delivery to those students.

It is not necessary to include the college’s name, especially if there is insufficient space to include it. If an address field for the college’s name is available, it is often called Business or Company.

Click here for Misaddressed, or Insufficiently addressed mail and packages (aka, Mysteries)

IC Mail Service is reserved for students living on campus in residence halls and apartments

Students who live off campus should have their mail and packages addressed for delivery to their local residence. Mail and packages received by Mail Service for off campus residents are subject to Return to Sender (eligible USPS mail may be Forwarded at Mail Service's discretion). Trackable items will be entered into our tracking system with a record detailing where that item was sent. Letter mail is normally untrackable and is not recorded.