For Students who live OFF CAMPUS in Ithaca

IC Mail Service is reserved for students living ON CAMPUS in residence halls and apartments

Students who live OFF CAMPUS should have their mail and packages addressed for delivery to their local residence.

  • Off-campus residents are not in our campus directory. Therefore, their names will not appear as valid recipients and they will not be able to receive notifications if we received something. 
  • Mail and packages received by Mail Service for off campus residents are subject to Return to Sender without further notice.
  • Trackable* items are entered into our tracking system with a record detailing when and where that item was returned to.
  • If a trackable* item was sent to the College by accident (sender still had previous year's on-campus address) and you wish to pick this up from Mail Service please contact us as soon as possible. Please email us at, or call 607-274-3371, to speak with the Mail Services team directly. Please have your tracking number(s) ready so we can identify items quickly.
  • *Letter mail is untrackable through the USPS and is not recorded by us before it is returned.