Misaddressed Mail or Packages

In the event that Mail Service receives mail or packages without complete or accurate information*, we will attempt to identify who the recipient is supposed to be and direct it to that person. If we are unable to determine the recipient, we will handle such items as follows.

  • Letter Mail which cannot be identified will be returned to the sender for the reason, Undeliverable / Insufficient Address. Letter mail normally has no tracking information and therefore cannot be traced.

  • All items with carrier-specific tracking numbers (all UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL packages, and certain letters) are entered into our tracking system so that we have a record of their receipt. In the event we are unable to identify a recipient to reach out to, it will be necessary for recipients to contact us when they are missing an item. Recipients are asked to provide us with the tracking number so we may find it in our system. Mystery packages which have not generated contact after 5 business days will be subject to Return To Sender for the reason, Undeliverable / Insufficient Address.

*Letters or packages addressed to the previous year/semester address are normally not subject to this process. We look up all incoming mail and packages in the residential database and sort/process according to that information. Only in cases where we cannot identify the recipient, nor link them in the directory do we treat these items as misaddressed.