Help with transporting big/heavy packages

Items in the Mail Center (by Public Safety) are typically held in that space for one of the following reasons:

  • Too large or heavy to place in a parcel locker
  • No campus address (including Unlisted, per the recipient's instructions)
  • Other unique circumstances

Vehicle assist is intended for items which are very large, heavy, or otherwise difficult for the recipient to personally transport

Vehicle assist is subject to availability - To ensure that we can assist students in a timely fashion, we recommend contacting us in advance to schedule a curbside dropoff (please email so that we may arrange a suitable time to help. Fulfilling requests for immediate or very short-notice dropoff service cannot be guaranteed.

Mail Service staff cannot enter residence halls, dorm rooms or apartments. IC Mail Service staff will attempt to drop off item(s) close to the building entrance, access permitting, and only when the recipient is present to accept.