Wi-Fi, Telephone, and Cable TV

Wireless (Wi-Fi) coverage is provided to all residence halls, apartments, academic and administrative buildings. You must set up an account with Apogee in order to access MyResNet, the network in the residence halls and apartments.  Basic service is free-of-charge with an upgrade package available for an extra fee. You can set up your Apogee account at www.myresnet.com or by phone at (877) 478-8893. 

Personal wireless routers are not allowed to be used with student or staff computers that are connected to the campus network. 

As of Fall 2017, Spectrum Cable no longer provides residential cable service to residence hall rooms. Ithaca College is not able to assist students in working with Spectrum to receive cable service. We encourage students to consider streaming services to meet their viewing needs. 

  • Apogee: Set up your account and/or add devices. 
  • Landline: Opt-in local phone service is available by request. 
  • Computer Labs: There are over 30 computer labs across campus.