Arab American Students in Public Schools -- a valuable overview article about issues for Arab Americans in U.S. schools and what educators can do to respect and connect with these students and their families and communities.

American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee -- a grassroots civil rights organization "committed to defending the rights of all people of Arab heritage."

SoundVision -- extensive resources about Islamic perspective, experience, and issues. Includes discussion of issues such as gender equity and Muslim/non-Mulsim relations, and offers videos, books, and online discussion groups.

Islam Online -- news, views, and perspective rooted in the Muslim experience and the Islamic religion.

Ramadan on the Net -- a good site about the annual Islamic observance of the Fast of Ramadan.

Public Schools Grapple with Muslim Prayer -- this article addresses both sides of the controversy regarding the accommodation of schools when attending to students who practice the Islamic religion.

Coming Home from School with Strawberry Condoms -- this article describes the opinions of Muslim parents concerning the sex education classes at a high school in Stockholm, Sweden.

Muslim Parents Concerned with What Children Are Eating at Heritage Primary Elementary

-- this article shows how being culturally sensitive about religious issues is important in the public school system. Religion affects everything from personal choices to food options, and this article shows how it helps to be aware of the community’s religious adherences.


Haq Islam: Ramadan -- A site which links to many articles about Ramadan. It also offers valuable sources such as a Q&A section about Islam, Islamic blogs, and Islamic lectures.

Muslims in America -- A video in which Muslim students, faculty, and community members of Pennsylvania State University discuss their experiences, perspectives, and reactions as Muslims living in America after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. 

To Lead the Faithful in a Faith Under Fire -- An article in the New York Times which follows the intolerant treatment of Muslim Americans after 9/11, powerfully capturing the challenges facing an imam in America.