International Education and Resource Network (iEARN) -- the world's largest non-profit global learning network organization that enables teachers and youth from all over the world to work together on shared research projects, information exchange programs, and much more -- an incredible array of projects!

The Journal of Technology Education -- this collection of journals comes from Virginia Tech University’s Journal of Education Technology. The website provides extensive information on the topic of education and technology.

Virtual Field Trips and eField Trips -- What exactly is an eField trip? It is an educational experience in which students and teachers are able to use a computer and the Internet to bring the trip to the classroom instead of physically going somewhere. The trips relate to specific topics and grade levels, and there are often activities involved with the trips that make the experience interactive and truly get the viewers involved.

A Kid's Guide to Engineering -- A collection of resources on how to introduce students to engineering. 

Books and Articles

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Films and Videos

Growing Up Online -- a Frontline production that displays the negative side of technology.