School Discipline Resources -- lots of useful links.

Big Racial Gap in Suspension of Middle School Students -- a 2010 report that documents the racial disparity in school suspension rates, raising serious questions about discipline policies and how they are implemented.

Behavior Advisor -- lots of different strategies/ideas for managing student behavior and promoting conflict resolution.

School Discipline Issues and Practices -- a number of good sources.

Classroom Discipline Techniques and Resources -- links to many articles about issues of discipline -- includes articles on praise and positive reinforcement.

The "You Can Handle It All" Web Site -- a general resource on many topics related to discipline -- presents a database of over 100 "misbehaviors" and possible solutions.

Some Good Books and Articles

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Back to School: Zero Tolerance Makes Discipline More Severe, Involves the Courts -- a Pittsbugh Post-Gazette article citing extreme examples of the Zero Tolerance policy, which in some cases may go too far.

Who Killed School Discipline? -- an article discussing school discipline and how court rulings have affected it.

School Discipline: Tougher on African Americans -- an editorial exploring racism in schools, particularly in the fact that black students are written up and disciplined more often than white students.

Robbins, C. 2005. Zero Tolerance and the Politics of Racial Injustice. The Journal Negro Education, 74: 2-17.

Discipline: Suspensions, Expulsions & IEPs -- a website that suggests educational possibilities for students who have been expelled. It also discusses legal parameters regarding suspension and expulsion focusing on student’s rights.

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