Rethinking Schools -- an organization started by progressive educators to address major educational issues and share teaching ideas.

The Zinn Project -- a group started in honor of the great activist and educator, Howard Zinn -- the site includes good lesson and curriculum plans about teaching a more fully honest and critically reflective history of the U.S. and world.

Teaching Tolerance -- a national education project and magazine dedicated to helping teachers foster equity, respect, and understanding in the classroom and beyond -- a project of the Southern Poverty Law Center -- includes classroom activities and resources and much more -- lots of free teaching materials for educators.

Public Broadcasting Resources for Teachers -- teaching ideas and resources on a wide range of topics.

The Free Child Project -- an organization "dedicated to making social change action, education, and resources more accessible for young people around the world, especially those who have been historically denied participation." -- lots of good resources and teaching ideas and materials.

Justice Learning -- radio broadcasts of debates about critical contemporary issues combined with good supporting materials to help teachers engage students in developing a more informed understanding of the issues -- materials from National Public Radio and the New York Times.

Education for Justice -- a wide variety of social justice teaching resources.

Social Justice Education -- an organization that produces curriculum and teaching tools for 7-12 educators and youth leaders who have an interest in creating experiences that will empower young people to become activists and allies in the pursuit of equity and justice --includes multi-media materials such as "MP3's for Change: Social Justice Hip Hop."

Ending Sweatshops and Promoting Fair Trade -- information and resources for teaching about and acting against sweatshops.

Social Justice Organizations -- lots of good links.

Teaching for Change -- an excellent source of materials that address critical multicultural and social issues.

Green Teacher -- good resources, including a magazine, for addressing environmental issues.

Teacher Link -- an extensive gateway site for teaching ideas, plans, and resources.

Donors Choose -- a website where teachers may solicit donations from the public in support of projects for their classrooms.

Federal Resources for Educational Excellence (FREE) -- a government site with lots of lesson plans and other great resources for educators.

International Education and Resource Network -- a "non-profit global network that enables young people to use the Internet and other new technologies to engage in collaborative educational projects that both enhance learning and make a difference in the world" -- a way for teachers to engage their students in meaningful projects with students in other parts of the world -- very cool -- check it out.

Teachable Moment -- a great resource of "timely teaching ideas to encourage critical thinking on issues of the day" -- by Educators for Social Responsibility.

Curriculum Units by the Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute -- good multicultural lesson plans and teaching ideas in many disciplines.

Lesson Plans for the Ithaca City School District's Participation in an MLK "Community Build" Project -- lesson plans developed by educators in Ithaca, NY as part of a "community read and dialogue" project using Martin Luther King, Jr.'s last book, Where Do We Go from Here: Chaos or Community? Major themes in the book are the topics of instruction and investigation.

African and African-American Resources -- good links for teaching provided by the Philadelphia School District.

African American Bibliography: Books for Children -- a well organized list of good books about African American experience, people, and characters.

Teaching African and African American History and Culture in the 21st Century: Lessons for Grades K-12 -- good lesson plans by educators in the Philadelphia School District.

Teaching African and African American History and Culture in the 21st Century: Lessons for Grades 5-8 -- more good lesson plans by educators in the Philadelphia School District.

NYSED.gov, Curriculum and Instruction -- This web site is hosted by the NY State Department of Education and contains PDF files that outline in specific detail the various Common Core Standards, such as in English Language Arts and Literacy in History/Social Sciences. These PDF files are very comprehensive and specific. 

Common Core State Standards Initiative -- This website is hosted by the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices (NGA Center) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO). It provides overview information on the content of the standards and the justification for their introduction.

Engage NY, Our Students, Our Moment -- This website has been developed as a collaborative effort that is mean to provide support for teachers and administrators who are looking for a guide to the Common Core Standards. It provides links to videos, articles and specific curriculum examples that teachers can use to help them transition to the common core.

New York City Department of Education -- This website is hosted by the Department of Education of New York City and has some very good examples of actual units of work under the “See Student Work” tab. In addition, there are some good supporting materials for the argument for the Common Core Standards.

Developing Teachers' Leadership Skills -- This website provides a list of great ways in which a teacher can become a leader in the school.

National Center for Education Statistics -- up to date information about education.

Collaborative Curriculum Builder -- lessons submitted by teachers for all grades and disciplines.

The Educator's Reference Desk -- lesson ideas for many subject areas and learning styles.

Lesson Plan Page -- a wide range of lesson plans and ideas across subject areas and grade levels.

Online Teaching Resources -- a page with lots of links to good resources and materials for teachers -- includes lesson plans and more

Web Based Lesson Plans for Teachers -- links to lots of sites and lesson plans for different levels of instruction and different disciplines

Lessonplanz -- more lesson plans by grade and discipline.

Teacher Vision -- a wide range of lesson plans and materials including thematic, cross-curricular ideas.

Teachers Net -- lesson ideas in a variety of subject areas, with integration of the arts into other subjects and attention to multicultural education and different learning styles.

The Discovery Channel -- an interesting array of lesson ideas and teaching resources.

Math Archive -- links to many K-12 math prgrams and lesson ideas.

Teachnet -- lesson plans, teaching resources, and more for teachers by teachers.

National Endowment of the Humanities -- great lesson plans and resources specific to the humanities.

History and Social Studies K-12 -- teaching resources on a wide range of social studies topics, with specific focus on use of the internet.

A Virtual Fieldtrip Guide for Global Studies -- great links to resources that can be used as cyber "fieldtrips" in support of many typical global studies topics.

Virtual Field Trips and eField Trips -- What exactly is an eField trip? It is an educational experience in which students and teachers are able to use a computer and the Internet to bring the trip to the classroom instead of physically going somewhere. The trips relate to specific topics and grade levels, and there are often activities involved with the trips that make the experience interactive and truly get the viewers involved.

The Teachers Corner -- a good lesson plan and resource site for the primary and intermediate grades.

Teachers Helping Teachers -- lots of lesson plans and teaching resources.

Online University - Teacher Resources -- lots of links to online teaching resources for teachers in all the different disciplines -- includes lesson plans

M.U.S.I.C. -- Musicians United for Songs in the Classroom -- classroom strategies and resources for using music as a teaching tool in a variety of disciplines.

Rockhall -- lesson plans involving classic and contemporary rock music.

Teach Space -- offers lesson ideas for how to teach about specific subjects across all disciplines.

Education World -- promotes creative use of community resources and information on the internet.

Ed Helper -- lesson plans for every subject and grade level -- also includes current education news items.

P.E. Central -- teaching resources and valuable information for physical education.

Game Central Station -- good resources for Physical Education.

Physical and Health Education Lesson Plans -- lesson plans submitted by teachers.

Health Teacher -- over 300 lesson plans for health designed to address the National Health Standards.

Lesson Plan Search -- lots of lesson ideas and materials.

Big Chalk -- more than 9,000 lesson plans organized by subject and grade, plus other resources for educators, students, and parents.

Education Place -- K-8 classroom activities and lesson plans provided by Houghton Mifflin Publisher.

Child Fun -- lots of fun lesson activities for children

Teacher's Guide to Currency Around the World -- An archive of currency from across the globe. This site provides insight into the design and history of nations' currencies through links to articles on specific nation's currency, as well as links to specific nation's National Bank webpage. 

Classroom Teaching Resources -- a portal to various resources including lesson plans, info about classroom technology and more.

Teacher Leadership Exploratory Consortium -- This website has developed a standards model for  teacher leadership. It is a fairly in-depth resource that incorporates a wide variety of leadership opportunities in schools, both in the classroom and among staff and administration.

Kids Research and Education Links Database -- This website is dedicated to providing educators with resources for teaching including subjects such as math and science, health, history, reading and literature, and much more.

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