Whiteness Studies: Deconstructing (the) Race -- a good article about whiteness studies as an "attempt to trace the economic and political history behind the invention of 'whiteness,' to attack the privileges given to so-called 'whites,' and to analyze the cultural practices (in art, music, literature, and popular media) that create and perpetuate notions of 'whiteness.'"

White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack -- This now classic, 1995 article by Peggy McIntosh, presents and discusses the concept and numerous examples of white privilege.

Understanding White Privilege -- a 2001 article by Frances Kendall that provides useful definition of the concept of white privilege (what it is and how it works) and argues that understanding this concept is central to effectively pursuing anti-racist work

What Does It Mean to Be White? -- a good PowerPoint by researcher Derald Wing Sue

White Ally Checklist -- a list of behaviors White people should consider as they work to become allies in anti-racist work

White Privilege and Anti-Racism -- a list of good links for educators and others about how to use the study of white privilege as an important part of anti-racist education and work

Becoming an Anti-Racist White Ally: How a White Affinity Group Can Help -- a 2009 article about a "white ally" group and how it supported a group of white educators in becoming more anti-racist in their work and lives..

Teaching about Whiteness -- a set of ideas and activities for teaching about whiteness as a racial and cultural category -- especially useful when teaching about issues of race and racism.

The Antiracist Alliance -- an organization committed to bringing "anti-racist structural power analysis to social service education and practice." They "move beyond a focus on the symptoms of racism to an understanding of what racism is, where it comes from, how it functions, why it persists and how it can be undone."

What Does Being White Have to Do with Diversity? -- "a topic that is sometimes left out of diversity discussions is the subject of "whiteness" -- what does it mean to be "white"? This becomes "interesting" when a white instructor is working in areas of diversity or when the topic of diversity is introduced to white students. This program explores such topics as white identity development, privilege, and guilt with a focus on how this information can be of use in the classroom."

Center for the Study of White American Culture -- the homepage for this organization that encourages whites to better understand their own cultures and their role in helping create a fair and just multicultural society.

Terms for Multicultural Studies: Defining "Race," "Ethnicity," and "Nationality" -- a good basic explanation and definitional discussion of these commonly used, misused, and misunderstood terms

Whiteness Studies and the Multicultural Literature Classroom -- a good article about how to teach about whiteness through literature.

Whiteness and White Privilege in the Media -- information about ways in which white privilege is reinforced and supported by the media.

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