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Participate in IC's learning community, and equip yourself for a successful transition to Ithaca College. To register, log in to your application status portal during the week of June 8.

College: Why are you here?

Interrogate your assumptions about education, conduct experiments on your own learning habits, and apply the science of success to your transformation from high school to college student. You'll build the tools, mindset, and motivation to become a self-directed learner: to take control and shape the college experience you want for yourself; to take calculated academic risks; and to identify and build the habits and practices that will help you bring your personal best to your first year at Ithaca College.

Community: A Shared Intellectual Experience

Welcome to the vibrant learning community of Ithaca College and its host community, Ithaca, New York! In this course, you'll explore a number of disciplinary perspectives and consider what it means to be part of a community, connecting the different worlds and identities of individuals’ lived experiences and the new communities we now enter, imagine, and seek to build at the outset of our shared Ithaca College experience.

Deep Dive Courses

Extend your learning by also choosing from more than 20 "deep dive" courses!

  • Explore a topic in depth
  • Connect with a faculty mentor
  • Meet other students who share your interests
  • Earn one credit