Updated September 22, 2022

Preparing to graduate means pulling together the various threads of a student’s IC experience, from coursework to internships to social events. IC’s Integrative Core Curriculum (ICC) seeks to facilitate this process, creating opportunities for students to reflect on those interconnections. While ICC is no longer using the electronic learning portfolio in Taskstream as a platform, students are still required to fulfill this final ICC Capstone reflection as part of their ICC Capstone course.

  • For students under 2013-2021 catalogs who are graduating Fall 2022 and after, DegreeWorks shows that the eportfolio is satisfied within the ICC Capstone and the only expectation is that students complete the final reflection as part of their ICC Capstone course.
  • For students under the 2022-23 catalog, the eportfolio no longer appears as a requirement in DegreeWorks.

While students who have uploaded artifacts from their courses during the last 3-4 years may find it useful to review both the artifacts and the accompanying reflections (in the accompanying form), we are no longer using the eportfolio in Taskstream! While we still need to collect those final capstone reflections, the method is still being determined.

What are the Expectations of ICC Capstone Courses?
The ICC Capstone has always required students to complete a reflective artifact addressing the question, “How has my learning in the Integrative Core Curriculum contributed to my education and how is that learning related to my major and other learning experiences?” Across campus, this artifact has taken a number of forms, from personal essays to SWOT analyses to professional statements. Faculty have supported their students in examining their learning inside and outside of the classroom, encouraging them to explicitly identify how other disciplinary perspectives have deepened understanding of a chosen field of study or profession. These expectations continue as we graduate students under prior catalogs and work with students under the revised ICC launched in catalog 2022-23.

Sewing It All Together - Capstone and ePortfolio FAQ (updated 12.13.22)

Through the ICC, I was able to take courses that I would have never thought to include throughout my time at Ithaca College, and some of them ended up being my favorite classes.

Senior, Theatre Production and Design