Ithaca College students are required to complete an ICC electronic learning portfolio as a requirement for graduation.

Why does the ICC include an electronic learning portfolio requirement?
At graduation you are required to articulate how your experiences in the classroom and outside of the classroom, such as the residential experience, student activities, athletics, and student employment, have contributed to your learning. Your portfolio account allows you to collect artifacts (assignments or other tangible products) of your learning and reflections on your learning over the course of your time here so that, when you graduate, you can articulate how your college experiences in totality have contributed to your development of specific knowledge, competencies, and skills. Additionally, the College can examine the content of the portfolios to document how well students as a whole are meeting the institution's learning outcomes and use this information to make program changes where needed. Evidence of integration across your college experience is documented in your ICC portfolio. The eportfolio is a place to reflect on the learning outcomes for each area of the ICC and a place to upload artifacts as evidence of your learning. Your ICC portfolio must be complete to meet graduation requirements. When your portfolio is complete (after a review) it will show up as “met” in degree evaluation.

How do I access the Taskstream eportfolio?
Launch the Taskstream eportfolio through apps.ithaca.edu. You are automatically in the DRF for your incoming year.  

Here is a short video demonstrating how to access and upload reflections and artifacts.

Here is a short video on what is required for the ICC portfolio.

What is required for the eportfolio?
There are three requirements for the ICC portfolio:

  • Completeness, something must be submitted in every area;
  • Reflection, address the learning outcomes in every area; and
  • Evidence, an artifact that addresses the learning outcomes in every area.

All areas of the eportfolio must be completed with both an artifact and reflection. The only exceptions is that you can omit the “second diversity requirement” if it shows up in your portfolio and only H&S students need to upload an H&S CLA Planning Statement. If an area of the ICC was not completed at Ithaca College an acceptable artifact could be a short discussion of an assignment that addresses the learning outcome or discussion of an activity that addresses the learning outcome. The key for your submission is that it addresses how you have achieved the learning outcomes for that particular component of the ICC.

When does the eportfolio need to be completed?
The completion of the ICC portfolio is required to meet graduation requirements and must be completed in sufficient time to be reviewed. The reviewers will look for integration and reflection on all your college learning experiences. Use the eportfolio to demonstrate how you have achieved the learning outcomes for each component of the ICC, regardless of where they occurred. Once you have completed your eportfolio you may email ICCePortfolio@ithaca.edu to request a review. If any changes are needed you will receive an email with enough time to complete the revision request.

Where will I learn about the electronic learning portfolio?
You will be introduced to the ICC electronic learning portfolio during the Ithaca Seminar course in your first semester at Ithaca College. The FAQs section of this website includes commonly asked questions about the ICC electronic portfolio requirement. Faculty specific information about electronic learning portfolios is also available in the Faculty Resources section of this website.

All Ithaca College students and faculty are provided by the institution with an account in Taskstream. Taskstream is an online portfolio and assessment system that allows you to create a variety of electronic portfolios and submit work for evaluation and also allows the College to evaluate submitted work for purposes of assessing the effectiveness of the Integrative Core Curriculum.

Ithaca College's ITS department has created several videos to help you get started with Taskstream and on various portfolios students might wish to create:

Creating a showcase portfolio in Taskstream

Using directed response folios in Taskstream (applicable to any Taskstream drf)

Using the ICC directed response folio in Taskstream (focuses specifically on the ICC drf)