Note: The information below applies only to students admitted to Ithaca College as transfer students.

Transfer students complete the ICC along a somewhat different path than first time, first year students in order to account for prior college experience. As a transfer student, you'll begin the ICC enrolled in a special Liberal Arts and Society theme, which enables you to combine your previously completed coursework with Ithaca College coursework to complete ICC requirements. During your first semester at Ithaca College, you will complete a 1 credit ICC Seminar for Transfer Students, which introduces you to integrative learning, the role of liberal arts in education and society, and the Ithaca College community. 

ICC Seminar for Transfer Students

As noted above, incoming transfer students complete a transfer student seminar during your first semester of enrollment at Ithaca College. This requirement is in lieu of the 4-credit Ithaca Seminar completed by first time, first semester students. As noted above, this 1 credit course addresses the value of integrative learning, introduces you to the Ithaca College community, and helps you develop a plan for completing your degree. This seminar is likely different from seminars you may have completed at a prior institution because it focuses on introducing you to Ithaca College instead of to college in general.

ICC Requirements for Students Admitted to Ithaca College as Transfer Students

  • Transfer students entering Ithaca College with a completed Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, or bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university will be considered to have fulfilled the ICC themes and perspectives, diversity, quantitative literacy, writing intensive, and first year composition requirements. Such students will be required to complete only the ICC transfer seminar and ICC capstone requirements. Regardless of previous degree, transfer students must meet all requirements for their specific degree program.
  • Transfer students may be credited with fulfilling ICC requirements based on other courses completed at regionally accredited colleges or universities. Such determination will be made on review of the student’s transcripts from prior institutions. If you believe that a course you completed before coming to Ithaca College meets an ICC requirement but it isn't showing in your degree evaluation, please complete the ICC Transfer Credit Evaluation form and upload a copy of the course syllabus for ICC review.
  • Transfer students may apply credits granted on the basis of AP/IB or other standardized test scores accepted by Ithaca College toward fulfillment of the following ICC components: First Year Composition (Academic Writing), Quantitative Literacy, Diversity, and Writing Intensive. The degree to which such credits will apply to a specific ICC requirement is dependent on the match between the test score and specific course(s) for which Ithaca College awards credit. Students may not apply credits granted on the basis of AP/IB score or any other standardized examination program from which Ithaca College awards credit toward fulfillment of the Themes and Perspectives or ICC capstone components of the ICC.
ICC Transfer Student Summary of the ICC Requirements

We've created this worksheet to assist you in identifying courses completed prior to attending IC. 

Please note: AP/IB and college courses completed in high school cannot apply to the ICC Perspectives requirements.