Perspectives FAQs

I am planning on taking a course this summer at another institution that will transfer in as course specific credit for an ICC perspective course. Do I get ICC credit?

For matriculated students, ICC Perspective designation needs to be completed at Ithaca College, or completed with an approved study abroad course. Course specific transfer credit can be applied to the major, minor, or concentration but does not satisfy the ICC Perspective requirements. The transfer course will not populate the ICC portion of degree evaluation.

I am a double major. Can the courses from one of my majors be applied to the ICC perspectives requirements?

Yes, ICC perspective courses need to be completed outside of one major. Courses from a second major can be used to meet perspective requirements. Please contact your faculty advisor(s), or the Director of the ICC at if you have specific questions on how to meet ICC requirements with a double major or dual degree.

Can ICC designated courses be taken S/D/F?

Students need to pass ICC designated courses for them to count towards the ICC requirements. A passing grade can be met with a letter grade above a D- or with an S. Students can request the S/D/F option for ICC perspective courses and attribute courses outside the major. Please refer to the catalog for additional information about the S/D/F options.

I am planning to study abroad next semester. Can courses apply toward ICC requirements?

Study abroad courses may be applied to ICC requirements, including perspective requirements. Before traveling, complete the CCR study abroad petition, Please work with the ICC Director or Coordinator of the ICC for help with the study abroad form. Courses taken at the London Center, ICNYC, and LA programs are not considered study abroad courses and must have ICC designation in order to apply them to ICC requirements. Specific information for study abroad can be found on the ICC webpage, under the tab “Resources for Students” and section titled “Are you planning to study abroad?”

Can I earn credit for both perspectives if a course is dual designated for two perspectives?

While an individual course may be designated with multiple Perspectives, any individual course may count toward only one Perspective in the student’s degree evaluation.

What if I want to change MY theme?

Students may change their theme at any time. Students changing themes are required to complete the remaining 12 credits of their themes and perspectives sequence in their new theme but are not required to go back and complete a second Ithaca Seminar.

To change your ICC theme, please use the appropriate form available in IC Workflow. All theme changes will be reviewed and will require approval from the ICC Director. Changes can take up to five business days before the request is approved and the student record is updated in HomerConnect. 

Will courses be offered each semester in each perspective?

Yes. Planning efforts each semester are aimed at making sure there are enough offerings in each perspective to provide students with course offerings and course choice each semester.