ICC Policies

The policies below have been reviewed and approved by both APC and Faculty Council.

Students Transferring to Ithaca College from Other Institutions

This policy applies only to transfer students, defined institutionally as those students who have completed at least 9 semester hours (or equivalent) of college course work after high school graduation and before matriculation at Ithaca College. After transfer students are admitted, their academic transcripts will be reviewed by the Office of the Registrar as they are presently.

To fulfill the requirements of the Integrative Core Curriculum (ICC), transfer students matriculating at Ithaca College in summer 2013 and thereafter will complete a transfer student seminar in their first semester of enrollment. The transfer seminar will be a variable credit (0-1 credit hours) course designed to introduce students to the ICC and to determine each student’s plan for completing the ICC. During the seminar, the student will be introduced to the electronic learning portfolio, will complete an initial reflective artifact analogous to that completed by first year students in the Ithaca Seminar, and develop a plan for completing any remaining requirements of the ICC. The seminar will also address the value of a liberal arts education and introduce students to the Ithaca College community.

During the transfer student seminar, students who achieved the student learning outcomes for an ICC component or components in their college course work before coming to Ithaca College will develop reflective artifacts addressing how their prior course work helped them to achieve the student learning outcomes for that component or components. For student learning outcomes not achieved in prior course work, students will, in conjunction with their instructor, create a plan for completing Ithaca College course work that achieves those outcomes; this plan will be completed by the end of the seminar (the end of the student’s first semester enrolled at Ithaca College). Transfer students will have the option of completing one of the Ithaca College Themes (more likely to be an option for students entering with fewer credits earned) or an optional Liberal Arts and Society theme open only to transfer students. Students electing the Liberal Arts and Society theme must submit their plan for completing the theme to the Office of the Registrar after approval by the Director of the Integrative Core Curriculum no later than the beginning of their second semester of enrollment at Ithaca College. All transfer students will complete a designated ICC Capstone course.

Students who have completed an A.A., A.S., or bachelor’s degree at a regionally accredited college or university before transferring to Ithaca College will be required to complete only the transfer seminar and ICC Capstone requirements to complete the ICC.

This policy will be formally reviewed every two years beginning in Fall semester 2014 to allow at least a year for changes to be implemented.

ICC Policy on AP/IB/CLEP and Transfer Credit from Other Institutions

This policy does not apply to transfer students (as defined above).

Students may apply credits earned at other institutions or granted on the basis of AP/IB/CLEP scores to fulfillment of the following ICC components: First Year Composition, Quantitative Literacy, Diversity, and Writing Intensive. Such credits may also apply to the 12 Complementary Liberal Arts credits depending on school and department requirements. The degree to which such credits could apply to a specific ICC requirement is dependent on a match between the Ithaca College courses meeting the requirement and the credit granted for courses completed elsewhere and on program-specific requirements for the 12 Complementary Liberal Arts credits.

Students may not apply credits earned at other institutions or granted on the basis of AP/IB/CLEP score or any other standardized examination program from which Ithaca College awards credit toward fulfillment of the Themes and Perspectives or ICC Capstone components of the ICC.