Are you planning to take a course at a non Ithaca College location? This petition may be completed by students who wish to use coursework credit from other institutions within the United States to fulfill requirements of the ICC. Before completing a petition, students should review their Degree Evaluation with their advisor to determine what ICC requirements remain outstanding in their academic record.

  • These petitions cannot be used to request ICC credit for non-designated courses offered at Ithaca College (including the Ithaca College London Center, LA, and NYC).
  • Ithaca Seminar and ICC Capstone requirements may not be fulfilled with transfer credit.
  • Please use the appropriate petition form for courses transferred from study abroad.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to submit a petition for each course that may fulfill ICC requirements before taking the course, but petitions can also be submitted during the course or by the last day of the subsequent semester.
  • Approval for fulfilling an ICC requirement is not guaranteed, regardless of when the petition was submitted.
  • Each course petitioned should be on a separate form and all petitions are to include original answers authored by the requesting student.
  • A notification will be sent to the student if a petition is approved.
  • Before ICC Attribute designation (DV, QL, WI) can be applied to a student's record, a Petition for Transfer Credit must be completed and approved through IC Workflow.

Please direct any petition questions to the ICC Director at