Installation of Mnova NMR software

1. Make sure your anti-virus program is up to date.

2. Download Mnova NMR software from Pick the version that is 14.3.1 and that matches your operating system and follow the instruction to install it. Do not launch it at this point.

3. Download the license files from Remember where you save these license files. 

4. If you are installing Mnova on an on-campus computer with an asset tag, please skip steps 5, 6, and 7, and continue from step 8.

5. If you are installing Mnova on an off-campus computer, please follow the instruction at and enroll in Duo first. You may need to bring your college ID and your phone in order to set up your Duo account at IT helpdesk. 

6. Once you have Duo account set up, go to this link Follow the quick guide to download and install GlobalProtect VPN. 

7. Connect to GlobalProtect VPN. 

8. Launch Mnova. When you first launch Mnova, there will be a popup window. Click the install button. Find those license files you downloaded and click install each time. You will need to exit Mnova and Launch it again. Once these are done, try to open a NMR data file. You should be able to open and process the spectrum.

9. Once Mnova is successfully launched, you can disconnect from GlobalProtect VPN. However connection to GlobalProtect VPN every 90 days is required in order to keep Mnova valid on any off campus computer. Please contact Chun Li at if you have any question.