Find the Right Program for You

The Department of Physics and Astronomy at Ithaca College offers a variety of Physics major programs, customized to your interests and career goals.

Physics-Engineering 3-2 Program

With our 3-2 engineering program, you get a physics degree from Ithaca College and an engineering degree from an engineering school. While engineering degrees are quite popular, our program sets you apart from the rest by also providing you with a physics degree.

In the first three years, you will start out with fundamental physics courses. In your fourth and fifth years, you will transfer to your engineering program, using many of your Ithaca College courses as credit toward your engineering degree. At the end of the fifth year, you will transfer back the credits needed to complete your Ithaca College Physics Degree.

Applied Physics, B.S.

The Applied Physics B.S. is a flexible program that takes the liberal arts core of the fundamental natural science, physics, and combines it with any number of other areas of knowledge. This program will prepare students equally well for jobs in industry or graduate school in engineering or other applied fields. 

The program is targeted at students who are interested in math and science, with an emphasis on transition into the STEM workforce. 

Physics, B.S.

We designed the Physics B.S. to give you a thorough background across all major sub-fields in physics and to focus on significant research experience. The B.S. carries the requirement of a senior thesis based on professional-level research conducted with one or more of our faculty. Because of its comprehensive nature, our B.S. physics degree is tailored more to people interested in a graduate school track or industry career in physics, but will also prepare you very well for graduate work in physics or a closely related field like astronomy or geophysics.