Center for Natural Sciences

Constructed in 1992, it houses the physics, biology, chemistry, and environmental sciences departments. It contains facilities for both classes and student research.

The Clinton B. Ford Observatory

Built in 1998, it is used for both undergraduate research and astronomy courses. It houses a CCT-16 16-inch (0.4 m) f/8 Cassegrain telescope.

Performance-Based Physics Laboratory

The performance-based physics laboratory is designed to effectively implement the results of modern physics education research. The laboratory takes its design from the "studio" physics classrooms pioneered at Rensselaer and North Carolina State University. The lab contains 11 round tables, with seating for 9 students at each table. Working in groups of three, students can effectively collaborate and discuss assignments, labs, and homework.

Each table is equipped with three 15" MacBook Pro notebooks.  In addition, each table has a full collection of lab equipment housed within whiteboard storage cabinets. There are also a total of 8 digital projectors in the room, so that every student can see what is being displayed, regardless of the student's physical orientation.

Physics Tutoring Center

The tutoring center serves as a gathering point for physics students outside of class.  The center is equipped with four Core 2 Duo PCs, three of which are dual-screen for extra productivity.  Each PC is equipped with the full suite of software that is typically used in the physics curriculum, including MATLAB and LaTeX typesetting programs.   In addition, the center has a small library of reference and text books for physics and astronomy.

Advanced Laboratory

  • speed of light
  • particle counting detector and electronics
  • grating spectrometer
  • X-ray diffraction
  • NMR
  • measuring e/m, e, G, and h
  • interference of light
  • holography
  • diffraction.

 Machine Shop

  • milling machine
  • lathe
  • drill press
  • band saw
  • sanders and grinders
  • sheet metal shear
  • tools for precision measurement
  • hand and power tools for a wide variety of educational uses.

Dan Briotta's Laboratory (and Observatory)

  • SBIG ST-8XE cooled CCD camera with CFW-8A color filter wheel and Johnson photometric filters.
  • SBIG STL-1001E large format cooled CCD camera, also with photometric filters
  • SBIG SGS self guiding spectrograph
  • SBIG AO-7 adaptive optics system
  • SBIG STV digital integrating video camera

Michael Roger's Laboratory

  • Agilent 8453 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer w/ Automated Sipper
  • Bartington MS2 Magnetic Susceptibility Meter
  • Bartington MS2 Magnetic Susceptibility Dual Frequency Sensor
  • JMC Soil Samplers Environmentalist's Sub Soil Probe Plus w/ 48 inch Tube
  • JMC Soil Samplers 2 inch Auger Kit
  • Geometrics G-868 Optically Pumped Cesium Gradiometer with GPS attachment - 2 complete systems
  • Geometrics OhmMapper TR5 Resistivity Meter
  • Geonics EM31 Conductivity Meter
  • Geoscan FM256 Fluxgate Magnetometer System - 2 complete systems
  • Geoscan RM15 Resistance Meter
  • GSSI SIR-3000 Ground-penetrating Radar with 270 MHz, 400 MHz, and 900 MHz antennas
  • GSSI EMP-400 Conductivity Meter
  • MakerBot Replicator 2 3D Printer
  • MakerBot Z18 3D Printer
  • Mala X3M Ground-penetrating radar with 500 MHz and 800 MHz antennas - 2 complete systems
  • NextEngine 3D Scanner
  • Sense 3D Scanner
  • Sokkia SET6A Total Station
  • Leica TPS1100 Total Station
  • Leica C-10 3D Laser Scanner
  • Archaeosurveyor Software
  • Golden Software's Surfer Mapping Software
  • Geosoft Oasis Montaj Analysis Software
  • Geoplot Software
  • GPR-Slice Software
  • Leica Cyclone Software
  • ProFit Software
  • Adobe Creative Suite 5.5
  • 2 Dell Laptops for field and laboratory use
  • 2 Dell Towers for laboratory use
  • 2 Apple iMacs for laboratory use
  • 1 Apple Server to run the laboratory

Bruce Thompson's Laboratory

  • Tira GmbH model 155 vibrator
  • Crown DC300A DC amplifier
  • Meade ETX 101 telescope
  • Occultation timing equipment
  • four Geosource 10 Hz vertical geophones
  • two Geosource 4.5 Hz 3-axis geophones
  • two Geosource 2.0 Hz vertical geophones
  • NASA design 3-axis fluxgate magnetometer