A requirement for our Bachelor of Science degree in physics and an option for our Bachelor of Arts degree in Physics is doing research that leads to the production and public presentation of a senior thesis. Some of our students also submit their thesis topic--re-written into a scientific paper--to science journals. Please contact the faculty advisor if you interested in learning more about a particular undergraduate thesis.

2017 - Matthew A. Bellardini - Augmenting 3D Laser Scanning with Aerial Photogrammetry for Historic Preservation [Advisor: L. Keller]  

2017 - Benjamin Ryan Bouricius - Get a Grip: An Exploration of 3D Printed Mechanical Prosthetic Hands [Advisor: M. Rogers]  

2017 - Ryan L. Fedora - Augmenting 3D Laser Scanning with Aerial Photogrammetry for Historic Preservation[Advisor: M. Rogers]  

2017 - Marcell Fischler - Ground-Penetrating Radar and its applicability in determining underground materials and subsurface structures on asteroid surfaces [Advisor: M. Rogers]  

2017 - Amy Parker - Characterizing Microplastics in Cayuga Lake: Size, Shape, and Uptake of Environmental Toxins [Advisor: K. Sullivan]  

2017 - Joe Quinn - Protoplanetary Disks in the Small Magellanic Cloud [Advisor: L. Keller]  

2017 - Jared Saltzman - Analysis of Neutral Responses Using the MPEX: More Than Just a Non-Response [Advisor: M. Price]  

2017 - Andrea N. Santiago-Boyd - Constraining the Surface Magnetic Field of Asymptotic Giant Branch Stars [Advisor: L. Keller]  

2017 - Thomas Steele - Minimizing Warping in Architectural Fused Deposition Models [Advisor: M. Rogers]  

2016 - Eli Adler - Using NdBa2Cu3O7 Thin Films to Seed the Growth of YBa2Cu3O7 Bulk Crystals [Advisor: M. C. Sullivan]

2016 - Duncan Allen - Creating Sky Maps using the Ithaca College Radio Telescope [Advisor: M. Price]

2016 - Nate Antonacci - Figures and First Years: An Analysis of First-year Calculus Students' Use of Figures in Technical Reports [Advisor: M. Rogers]

2016 - Kevin Coldren -  Using 3D Laser Scanning as a Method for Architectural Preservation and Analysis [Advisor: M. Rogers]

2016 - Jeff Hejna - Automating Magnetometer Data Processing to Reduce Processing Time and Improve Geophysical Archaeological Survey Results  [Advisor: M. Rogers ]

2016 - Devin Larsen - Using Discourse Analysis to Further Understand Einstein's and Poincare's 1905 Papers on Special Relativity [Advisor: M. Rogers]

2016 - Madison Mangano - Sonication of Spectral Data: Enhancing the Information Ordered by Spectra Through Sound  [Advisor: L. Keller]

2016 - Jeff Mertz - Power Harvesting of a Bass Drum [Advisor: B. Thompson]

2016 - Jonathan Smucker -  Measuring the Temperature of Rubidium Atoms Cooled Using the Ithaca College Magneto-Optical Trap [Advisor: B. Thompson]

2016 - Evan Van de Wall - Experimentally Determining Precision and Accuracy of 3D Laser Scanning in Comparison to Traditional Architectural Conservation Methods [Advisor: M. Rogers ]

2016 - Oliver Vischer - Resonant Optical Cavities: Construction and Calibration of a Scanning Confocal Fabry-Perot Interferometer [Advisor: B. Thompson] 

2015 - Rafael Ferreira - Classication of Eight Young Stellar Objects from the Small Magellanic Cloud [Advisor: L. Keller]

2015 - Nathaniel Fieger - Study of Rock Population Densities For Near Earth Asteroids [Advisor: B.E.C. Joseph]

2015 - Gregory Fobes - Construction and Development of a Vector Flux-gate Magnetometer Accurate Directional Magnetic Field Measurements [Advisor: B. Thompson]

2015 - Stefan Gurgurich - Calibration and Applications of the Ithaca College Radio Telescope [Advisor: M. Price]

2015 -  Sean Harkin - Acoustical Analysis of Ford Hall [Advisor: L. Keller]

2015 - Megan Kelleher - Image Processing for Photometric Modeling [Advisor: B.E.C. Joseph]

2015 - Colleen Mahoney - A Comparative study of Magnetometers in Archaeogeophysics [Advisor: M. Rogers]

2015 - Kyle Stapleton - CCD Photometry Standardization Star Array SA100  [Advisor: D. Briotta]

2015 - Ivan Tso - Minimizing the Magnetic Drag on a Type II Superconductor Moving Over a 3 Mobius Track  [Advisor: M. C. Sullivan]

2015 - Charles Woodward - An Archaeogeophysical Study of Washingtonian Hall [Advisor: M. Rogers]

2014 - Martin Garay MacLean - Stellar Properties of Young Stellar Objects in the Small Magellanic Cloud [Advisor: L. Keller]

2014 - Rachel Hallock - Generating Energy From Compost: Improving Laminar Flow in a Convecting Tube [Advisor: M. Rogers]

2014 - Kat Kennovin - Observing Star Formation from the Stratosphere: The Effects of Nearby Star Radiation on the Star Formation Process [Advisor: L. Keller]

2014 - Jeff Porzio - Optimization of Thick, Large Area YBCO Film Growth Through Response Surface Methods [Advisor: M. C. Sullivan]

2013- Daniel Bradac - Locating Revolutionary War Era Unmarked Burials with Archaeogeophysical Surveying, Morris County, New Jersey [Advisor: M. Rogers]

2103 - Casey Byrne - Grism Wavelength Calibration for the Faint Object Camera for the Sofia Telescope  [Advisor: L. Keller]

2013 - Heather Hill - Acoustics of Marimba Bars  [Advisor: M. Rogers]

2013 - Rob Lewis - Modeling Orbital Transfer of Minor Planets For Industrialization  [Advisor: D. Briotta]

2013 - Jodi-Ann McLean - Bulk Growth of YBa2Cu3O7 Superconductors with Enhanced Flux Pinning  [Advisor: M. C. Sullivan]

2013 - James Munro - Creating a version of the Tolman-Stewart Experiment for use in an Intermediate Physics Laboratory Course  [Advisor: K. D. Sullivan]

2013 - Alex Viola - Independent Assessment of the Efficiency of a GSHP System: Evaluating the COP of an Academic Building Installation  [Advisor: B. Clark Joseph]

2013 - Joyce Wu - Using Discourse Analysis to Understand Poincar ́e and Einstein’s Scientific Arguments in their 1905 Papers on Special Relativity  [Advisor: M. Rogers]

2012 - Andrew Hope - Bulk Crystal Growth of Y1BA2CU3O7−δ with Enhanced Flux Pinning Properties  [Advisor: M. C. Sullivan]

2012 - Stephen Kiekel - Construction and Characterization of Thermoacoustic Devices  [Advisor: B. Thompson]

2011 - Sarah Burleson - Finding the Critical Exponent γ for a Binary Fluid Mixture using the Scattering of Light  [Advisor: M. C. Sullivan]

2011 - Kevin Hurley - Archaeogeophysical Survey of an 18th Century Manor House in the Mohawk River Valley  [Advisors: M. Rogers & S. Stull]

Stull, S., M. Rogers, and K. Hurley. 2014. Colonial Houses and Cultural Identity in New York State’s Mohawk River Valley. Archaeological Discovery. No. 2, pp. 13-25.

2011 - Adam Iaizzi - AB Initio Study of the Properties of Folded Armchair Graphene Nanoribbons  [Advisor: V. DeTuri]

2011- Judith Olson - Construction and Characterization of a Magneto-Optical Trap  [Advisor: B. Thompson]

2011- Nathan Porter - Developing an Instrument to Measure Students' Understanding of the Nature of Science  [Advisor: M. Price]

2011 - Chris Stathis - Design and Construction of a Radio Telescope for Undergraduate Research  [Advisor: M. Price & B. Thompson]

2010 - Caitlin Ahearn - Sustainably Charging Batteries With Compost  [Advisor: M. Rogers]

Ahearn, C. and C. Howard [M. Rogers, Faculty Advisor]. 2010. Sustainably Charging Batteries Using Compost. NCUR 2010 Proceedings. National Conferences on Undergraduate Research.

2010 - Preston Barrows - Designing A Calibration System for the FORCAST Detector  [Advisor: L. Keller]

2010 - Kevin Geidel - An Analysis of the Proto-Planetary Disks Surrounding Young Stellar Objects in the Small Magellanic Cloud  [Advisor: L. Keller]

2010 - Jordan Hyatt - PAH Emission from a Large Sample of Herbig AeBe Stars  [Advisor: L. Keller]

2010 - Arnold Kotlayrevsky - Growth of YBCO with Enhanced Flux-Pinning Properties  [Advisor: M. C. Sullivan]

2009 - Rhea Hanrahan - Gains Found in the Maryland Physics Expectation Survey for Introductory College Physics  [Advisor: M. Rogers]

2009 - Colin Howard - The Compost Thermal Heating Project: Using Thermoelectric Modules to Charge Batteries with a Compost Pile  [Advisor: M. Rogers]

Ahearn, C. and C. Howard [M. Rogers, Faculty Advisor]. 2010. Sustainably Charging Batteries Using Compost. NCUR 2010 Proceedings. National Conferences on Undergraduate Research.

2009 - Justin Sousa - Using the Eddy-Current Method to Measure the Temperature Dependence of Resistivity in Metals  [Advisor: B. Thompson]

2009 - Charlie Strehlow - Measuring the Magnetic Flux Quantum via YBa2Cu3O7-δ Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices [Advisor: M. C. Sullivan]

C. P. Strehlow, M. C. Sullivan, “A Classroom Demonstration of Levitation and Suspension of a Superconductor over a Magnetic Track”, American Journal of Physics 77, 847-851 (2009),

2008 - Nirbhik Chitrakar - Determination of Age and Mass of Herbig AE/BE Stars  [Advisor: L. Keller]

2008- George DeBeck V - Identifying and Reducing Positional Errors in Cesium Magnetometer Surveys  [Advisor: M. Rogers]

2008 - Maxim Sipos - Optics and Cloaking in FDTD  [Advisor: B. Thompson]

Sipos, M., and B. G. Thompson. "Electrodynamics on a grid: the finite-difference time-domain method applied to optics and cloaking." American Journal of Physics 76.4 (2008): 464-469.