Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival Minicourses

FLEFF announces minicourses to begin after spring break. Five courses are available on Homer.

Register now for the following minicourses:*

Business Stakeholders and Sustainability
[MGMT 10303 – 01 CRN 43524]

Businesses have profound impact on the environment. How businesses approach the environment often mirrors how they treat stakeholders. In this course, we will discuss the relationship between environmental stewardship and respect for business stakeholders and investigate gender and labor issues tied to sustainable business practices. Students will be required to attend a number of films and events taking place during the Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival. Aimee Dars Ellis, Assistant Professor. 1.5 credits

Sustainable Development, Poverty, and Health
[HPS 39902-01 CRN 42584]

Scientific studies inform us that lifestyle, diet, and behavior affect our health and quality of life. Often they ignore the obvious: societies that are more equal are healthier and have a more sustainable quality of life. Unequal societies place the burden of ill health on the poor. This FLEFF course uses the 2009 FLEFF content streams (Spice, Syncopation, Toxins, and Trade) to explore the ways our collective coma erases the obvious about health and illness. Viewing past and current FLEFF films, we will attempt to answer whether “sustainable development” is a way to wake up from our coma or simply perpetuates the inequalities that produce ill health. Stewart Auyash, Associate Professor 1 credit

Playing God: Interactivity in Video Games and Film
[RLST 17700-01]

This course will look at how we interact with video games and film. We'll ask questions about violence, ritual, how narratives work, and about how we learn through experience. We will explore who "plays God," the film-makers, the viewer, the video-game designer, or the player? Students will be invited to play brief samples of a few games and also to apply their new skills of analysis to films and to consider how they derive meaning, "religious" or not. Rachel Wagner, Assistant Professor 1 credit

Cultural Ecology
[MUNM 25200 – 01 CRN 43614]

Examine the philosophic, sociological and artistic issues surrounding the transmission and assimilation of cultures. Through the prisms of film, music and dance, we will question the relationship between cultural diversity, sustainability, assimilation, artistic integrity, authenticity & creativity. Peter Rothbart, Professor 1 credit

Environmental Film Festival Minicourse - We Have Issues
[ENVS-10300 CRN 41943]

Explore the underlying environmental issues in five films from a scientific, cultural, ethical, historical, and political perspective. Emphasis will be placed on how environmental issues are portrayed in the films. Team taught by the environmental science faculty. 1 credit

*FLEFF runs March 30-April 5, 2009. In addition to attending screenings and other FLEFF events, students will keep journals, write short papers, contribute to a festival blog, etc. The course work varies with the instructor. Register online for course times. For additional information contact Warren Schlesinger (, FLEFF minicourse coordinator.

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