School of Business Successfully Launches Carry-In / Carry-Out Program

The School of Business has recently launched a new program to help streamline the waste collection and recycling process by utilizing the custom made CRT (Compost/Recycle/Trash) stations that are located on each level of the building. Recently the school has removed trash cans and recycling bins from all classrooms in order to encourage the proper separation of waste by using the newly-labeled bins in the CRT stations.  The main goals of this campaign are for better waste separation and an overall decrease in the amount of waste.

The sustainable home for the School of Business was among the first 100 buildings in the world to receive platinum LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification, the highest level granted by the U.S. Green Building Council, and the first building on-campus to roll the program out.

 “The Carry-In / Carry-Out campaign is an ongoing sign of our commitment to sustainability and an easy way for students to demonstrate their commitment. We’re thrilled that the student Net Impact group, working with REMP, initiated this program which fits so well in our LEED Platinum building,” notes Dean Mary Ellen Zuckerman. 

There are both environmental and economic benefits of composting, which are promoted through this campaign. By reducing waste accumulation we can save money on trash-removal; an increase in the amount of recyclables will allow for more money returned to the school on bottle and can deposits; and the abundance of compost collected earns Ithaca College “Carbon Credits” (offsets towards carbon emissions) which will further promote the sustainability-focused mission statement of the School of Business.

This program was led by Katie Oertel ‘13, business administration major, whom said, “It’s taken a lot of preparation to get this campaign going but I was thrilled with the immediate feedback and positive support of the faculty and staff which really allowed for the success of this campaign.”   

Everyone on campus can help in reducing waste with their use of a reusable! For every cup of coffee purchased in a reusable mug, you save $0.15! Plus, if you’re spotted with a reusable mug or bag on campus, you can immediately win another free coffee or a free cookie from any dining retail location.

The Carry-In / Carry-Out campaign will be spreading campus-wide, so if one day you don’t see a trash can and recycling bin in your classroom, please use your building’s CRT stations. The Carry-In / Carry-Out campaign is made possible by REMP and Net Impact.

Originally published in Intercom: School of Business Successfully Launches Carry-In / Carry-Out Program.

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