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Posted by Katie Sack at 4:11PM
Buttermilk Falls

Did you know that Buttermilk Falls located on Enfield Falls Road in Ithaca, NY is home to the Grey Petaltail Dragonfly, a creature that flew with the dinosaurs?!

Buttermilk Falls is named after Buttermilk Creek which flows down through the valley and into the falls as it heads toward Cayuga Lake.

Features include an upper park and a lower park, both with parking lots, hiking trails, picnic tables, grassy fields, and bathrooms. The upper park circles around a lake while the lower takes you through magnificent cool wet gorges where you can dip your feet on a warm day.

Bring your dog and choose a trail to hike or hike them all! The longest trail, Lake Treman Trail, is 1.29 miles long while the shortest trail is Gorge Trail coming in at .65 miles long.

You can expect to see kids swimming in the lower falls area when during the summer months there is a life guard on duty. You may spot lovers holding hands, hugging or taking selfies, while others may be basking together below a mini-fall in their swimsuits. Children “oooo” and “aaaahhh” at the bubbling white water rushing over the edge of rocky cliffs. Travelers may stop to ask you if you know how much longer until the end of the trail, in which you just tell them “about 10 more minutes”. Runners pass by graciously and dogs trot by with dirty paws.

Whatever time of day it is you’re bound to have a magical time without sacrificing the rest of the day’s energy for a wonderful home-cooked meal.

To find out more about Buttermilk Falls visit

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