Special Payments

Shift Differential

Hourly employees who are regularly scheduled to work second or third shift are paid a shift premium. This is to recognize that these hours are usually less desirable to work. In order to qualify for a shift premium, an employee must be regularly scheduled to work a full shift .

Additional information regarding shift differential can be accessed at Policy Payment of Shift Differentials.

Holiday Pay

Employees who are eligible for benefits are paid for designated holidays, provided the employee works the scheduled hours or is on approved vacation or personal leave on the days preceding and following the holiday.

Additional information regarding holiday pay can be accessed at Policy Holiday Rate

Official Closings

During an official emergency closing, it is anticipated that some employees in the Office of Facilities, Public Safety, and the Health Center will be "essential." In the event of a College closing, "essential" personnel are expected to report to work or remain at work. When an emergency closing is in effect, "essential" employees who report to work will be compensated at their regular rate and will receive an additional one and one-half times their regular rate for all hours worked during the first three days the College is officially closed.

Additional information regarding Official Closings can be accessed atPolicy Determination of Essential Employees and Compensation Issues Relating to Official Closings

Recall to Work

If a non-exempt employee has worked or is on authorized paid time off and is recalled to work, the employee will be paid in one of two ways, whichever is greater: (1) a minimum of the equivalent of 3 hours at straight time or (2) for all hours worked with any hours over 40 in the week paid at time and one-half. Equivalent time off may be given in the same workweek in lieu of payment.

Additional information regarding Recall to Work can be accessed at Policy Recall to Work