First Day New Hire Orientation

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Ithaca College “NetPass“ AccountIthaca College “NetPass“ Account
Sign up for your NetPass account to gain access to electronic mail as well as several other on-campus electronic resources.

How to Setup a NetPass account at Ithaca College

After the completion of the New Hire Orientation Session you will have the information that you need to activate your NetPass account. At that time, use your username and initial password to login  to the activation page. You will then have to change your initial password to a password of your choice. The new password must be at least 8 alphanumeric characters and should be easy for you to remember, but not something that can be guessed by anyone else.

Review the information on Stronger Passwords.

You have already been designated a username :

Your username is in the top right corner of the new hire letter that was given at the new hire orientation session.

You've already been designated a temporary password.

Your temporary password is %IC then last six numbers of your EID 

*the password is case sensitive.