Semester End Update for Human Resources

By Brian K. Dickens, May 17, 2018
The Continuation of Our Journey Forward

As we approach the end of the academic year we look forward to the upcoming commencement activities and celebrations across campus.  In reflecting on the spring 2018 semester, much has been accomplished and we would like to share a summary of the key activities:

  • Over the semester, ICHR began the implementation of new services and offerings focused on identifying new systems and processes, as well as new approaches to better serve and engage our campus community.  Some notable efforts include: the new HR Mobile Office, the ongoing compensation study, employee benefit enhancements (Paid Family Leave & Family Friendly Faculty Leave programs, added features to the Retirement Plan enhancing the user experience, etc.), electronic document management (personnel files are now paperless), increased training and development opportunities (Everfi, DiSC profile, Strength Finders, Crucial Conversations, Diversity and Inclusion training, etc.).   We believe these and other actions contribute to a positive campus culture of transparency and inclusion. 
  • Human Resources has continually celebrated and engaged the IC community as we plan and host major events and programs including the employee appreciation and retiree recognition luncheon, student employee appreciation luncheon, IC My Future retirement planning sessions, administrative professionals breakfast, ALANA luncheon, and the All Supervisors meeting (Emergency Response Procedures).  We will continue to challenge ourselves and look forward to growing our campus engagement efforts.  These efforts also included the on-going facilitation, consulting, and guidance of managers and supervisors through new and reimagined ways to introduce career pathways, internal promotions, and succession planning for current IC employees.  As an update to the previous The Road Ahead for Human Resources at Ithaca College notice, an additional 24 movements were added to the original 119 opportunities for internal career moves at all staffing levels during the 2017-18 fiscal year for a total of 143 people actions.
  • As announced earlier in the semester, we remain excited about the implementation of a new cloud-based Human Capital Management (HCM) system that will replace our current Human Resource Information System, Parnassus.  This new system will allow for enhanced services to the college community and Human Resources will be fully immersed and devoted to this project to ensure full implementation by early 2019.  This HCM Cloud implementation will help us gain valuable insights in real-time, boost staff and faculty engagement, create a culture of internal talent development, ease management task and ultimately automate HR processes to improve operational efficiencies and reduce errors.  
  • The performance evaluation process opened in early April and as communicated earlier in the year, the college remains committed to transforming this process and we are working toward a new and improved interactive process through the implementation of the new HCM system.  As promised, this will be the final performance review cycle under the current system.  As in past years, we ask that staff also complete the supervisor review process one last time using our current system.
  • We are in the final stages of the Staff Compensation Program Review and are now nearing the end of the design phase of a new program that will allow the College to achieve our goals together as we move forward. Our next step is to review our progress and the updated compensation program design in a series of open meetings and with key governance committees (e.g., Staff Council).  We will be introducing the new program to the campus community shortly, and will provide opportunity for staff, faculty, and students to learn about the program and the various components for managing compensation.  Please note that a more expansive campus-wide update on our compensation study program will be released soon.
  • As part of the IC website redesign (, the Office of Human Resources website is transitioning to the new platform. During this transition, we will be updating and reimagining the entire site for easier navigation. New features of our site with include a news section highlighting updates on HR projects, among other features. We look forward to developing the bulk of this work over the summer hours and appreciate receiving constructive campus feedback as we unveil the new site.        
  • In continuation of our commitment to increasing transparency and inclusion in the decision making processes of Ithaca College, we are proud to announce the launch of the new or vacant position review committee.  This is a pilot committee to review staffing requests to ensure that decisions are consistent with the college’s strategic direction, focused on productivity, efficiencies, and changes to job functions. This pilot committee, which has already met once, is comprised of both staff and faculty at various levels at the college.

Summer Hours: Ithaca College is a great organization, made up of great people who have the capacity and humanity to achieve wonderful results together.  As we approach the summer in Ithaca, we are once again reaffirming the college’s commitment to offering our summer hours benefit which are value-added for our employees during the summer months and encourage work-life balance.  Summer Hours begin Friday, May 25, and continue through August 10. During this period, full-time employees will work two fewer hours (37.5 hours reduced to 35.5, 40 hours reduced to 38 hours) and receive their usual compensation. Ithaca College’s official business hours will end at 3:00 p.m. on Fridays instead of 5:00 p.m. This year, there will be 12 Fridays on which the official hours will be reduced by two hours. 

We are excited to come together and celebrate the end of another very busy and successful semester as we prepare to see more than 1,500 graduates cross the stage during our commencement exercises on May 20th.  We will culminate the close of the 2018 spring semester with the Annual IC Employee Appreciation Picnic scheduled for May 24 in the campus center quad.  We hope to see all of our wonderful staff and faculty as we all join in celebration and embrace this beautiful summer weather ahead of us.